{don't panic!}

Hello all,

I thought I'd share a little post, having noticed a lot of worried chatter on Twitter over the last couple of weeks around the death of 'Google Reader'. I must say, I've never actually used 'GR' as I prefer to go old school and browse my favourite blogs from a little bookmarks tab in Safari on my mac - but for those that use it, or have built up a big follower base through it & GFC {Google Friend Connect} I can understand that it might provoke fear through the anticipated loss of some readership.

The lovely Caroline Burke of Burkatron recently did a great little post of all the ways to continue following her awesome updates here, and that's what inspired me make it easy for you all and follow suit!

SO - in the spirit of moving on to pastures new {certainly not Google+ for me, eugh}here are some ways you can find/follow me elsewhere and keep up to date with blog posts and shop news {as well as the odd snap of Finn too}! 
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I hope to see you guys over on some of these many sites - the more the merrier eh?