shred shred shred.

Hello all,

A mini update for you - I mentioned here that I was starting to try to get fit and tone up, well I must say - it's going pretty good, I did a solid 12 days shredding before taking an equal amount of days break, I know, it's bad, I fell off the wagon a little as I was prepping for an interview {that's now over, hoorah!} and I was also getting a twingy knee and I didn't want another episode of this. However I have continue to hit the gym and monitor what I'm tucking into food wise - it's all steps in the right direction.

Anyway - the good news is I'm back on the shred - accompanied by the lovely Harriet! So watch this space as I promise this time I'll go the full 30 days {I don't want to get on the wrong side of Jillian...}.

I thought I'd share with you my 'fitspo' image of myself that I'd rather like to get back to, so here it is:

This was me just over 3 years ago!! Pretty different huh?

I'm literally about to commence Day 3 of the shred once this wee post is published, so wish me luck, I need all of the motivation I can get!!