5 {simple} things

Hello all and SUPER happy Saturday to you!

Yesterday was a  pretty exciting one for me, not only was it the first of TWO days off together - woop woop, but the lovely Harriet sailed over from the Isle of Wight for a fun filled day of hang outs {and a little bit of succulent planting}.

Here's to yesterday providing me with some much needed fun and inspiration eh and to a rare Saturday post!

This week wasn't all doom and gloom - I still very much managed to find 5 simple things that made me smile! In fact, whilst hunting through my many snaps for five happy moments I found several, yay.
1//. This super bright Essie nail varnish in hip-enema for giving my pale fingers a hint of summery-ness.
2//. This super awesome cattoo from Harriet's awesome shop here for making me wish I could get it for realsies.
3//. This little glitter card pouch I knocked up before work one day this week for bringing out my magpie tendencies.
4//. These awesome little cigarette cards for showing themselves amongst my first aid tin and making me smile.
5//. This sweet little bundle of flowers for just being left on one of the tables at work...they brought the spring inside for a moment, and well I thought they were really rather pretty!
*BONUS* simple thing: This simple little creature for climbing into his food tin whilst I wasn't looking and then trying to act cool.
So there you have it, my week in pictures - and please forgive me for not posting about the succulent {DIY} I will be sharing that little chestnut on Monday!

Enjoy this lovely weekend of weather we seem to have bagged ourselves!

Until Monday,