5 {simple} things

Hello all,

I can't believe its Friday again already - AND - I have the day off to enjoy the sunshine and a cheeky little BBQ with the lads this afternoon! 

Anyway - today, as has become a tradition, and one that I'm really enjoying, I share with you - this weeks 5 simple things...
1//. This silly cactus hat for a} making me and Harriet lol & b} for protecting my little fingers whilst I planted up this little chap!
2//. This super awesome tea for having very lovely packaging...
...and for giving me ombre beverage based enjoyment!

3//. This little pretty pink present from Jack {it was a freebie}...
...for containing lots and lots of chilli seeds for me to plant...watch this space!
4//. This TINY leaf for being incredible and deciding to grow - hopefully into a butternut squash plant!
5//. This little pink succulent {thanks Harriet} for being so pretty & the tiny copper heart I added to give him some extra grow power love!
As always, I hoped you liked my little selection - now that the sun is out, do expect more plant based snaps, gotta love the greenery!

Have an amazing weekend guys - oh, and if you haven't seen it already, check out yesterdays post on my fave money saving tips...