{DIY} indoor succulent planter | part //.1 |

Hello all!

HAPPY FRIDAY again! It was a real treat to have had two days off together this week, I made soup, completed my orders, re-painted all of the scuffs in the walls at the flat, made and photographed lots of upcoming {DIY}s - including this one - AND had time for a lovely long walk in the New Forest with Jack! Good times all round. Well, except for the dog bite/tetanus jab saga and Jack now having the flu that I had last week. In general though, an overarchingly wonderful week. I hope you all had a good one too!

So, on with the purpose of today's post...as those of you know who follow me on


- 1//. I'm currently obsessed with succulents {see


}, and 2//. I bought


 AWESOME vintage elephant planter on eBay and so - I thought I'd share with you all the process of making an indoor succulent garden. I hope that's something you're interested in hearing about!! This one isn't enclosed, so it should be a really great starter planter to try!

I've only had part of my succulent order delivered currently so this will be part 1 of 2 about making yourself a little indoor succulent haven! If you like, I can also do a little post about 'terrarium' aftercare, as for some reason I seem to be green fingered when it comes to succulent care!

Here is what you will need:


It's important when choosing your plants that you choose species that like the same conditions. 

i.e. make sure they all like lots of water, or very little water, not a mix, because that just complicated things in one big planter!

Most succulents and cacti enjoy nice dry soil between waterings so generally you can mix away with these sorts of plants. Ferns and creepers on the other hand like moist soil - but I'll talk about them another time!

To start off your little terrarium/planter, just fill your container about an inch or so deep with your gravel, like so:


Then pile in your compost pretty much right to the top:

The cactus compost is really important because its a mix of peat and sand - which means that it'll drain really well. Normal compost holds too much moisture for succulents and cacti so you want to avoid that big time! {I also added in a layer of coconut husk soil, just for drainage shiggles}.


Next, take your first little succulent gently from its pot and separate out the root ball. I sectioned off each individual plant really carefully so that I could spread them around a little bit:

Succulents like to be nice and snuggled together though, so although this first little plant I separated out a fair bit, the others I'll keep quite close together}.


To plant each little seedling - all of which had surprisingly long roots - I used a paintbrush to poke a tiny deep hole and then nested each little pal in so that the base of his leaves were level with the soil:


This little pile above is all of the eeny weeny little jelly beans I found amongst the succulent, too small to plant into my elephant, so I did a little IKEA hack for them which I shall show you later next week. Aren't they cute?


Don't water for 2-3 days to let the plants settle, it's different to usual repotting - but you can spritz them with a fine mist of water if you fancy. 

Oh...and when you do water them, be sparing, to make sure you don't drench them! Then let the soil dry completely before you even think about watering again :)

I shall share the next installment next week {as long as my extra baby succulents arrive}!


I hope you like him! I'm a little bit in love with that face...

Have a great weekend my lovelies, and as always, your input and suggestions is super appreciated...