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Hello all,

Happy Monday to you my little crumpets. This weekend was super duper busy, like non stop. Don't get me wrong, it was really lovely - but I'm pretty shattered, and I have a whole week of work ahead of me, following on from yesterdays mammoth 11hr shift {not to mention lots of little orders to also complete and send}!

Anyway, this weekend taught me this lesson in more ways than I thought I'd knock up a pretty little graphic, to remind myself, and you guys to 'trust your gut' - almost every time you get that gut instinct, or initial 'hunch' it turns out to be bang on. So don't 'umm & aaaah' or second guess yourself, go with what you think is right, I can almost guarantee you'll thank yourself later.

I hope you all had lovely weekends, and for those of you lucky enough to be free as a bird yesterday, please tell me you made the most of the sun!!