5 {simple} things

Hello all,

You might be wondering why I'm posting my 5 simple things on a Monday, and not the usual Friday...well! I figured that it's silly to publish my {DIY} posts on a Monday when people have to wait a whoooole week before they have enough time off work to get stuck into a craft project. Plus - it's nice to look back at what made last week awesome at the beginning of a new week right? Well, I think so anyway...

So - as you seem to like my little 5 simple things AND my {DIY}s - thanks pals - they will very much be staying on around here at ONR, just on revised days...hoorah.

Here's to a good week - and here's what made last week ace!
1//. this little bowl that I added copper spots to - for being the perfect home to a selection of baby succulents.
2//. this wee stripy ceramic cat that we got in prague - for being a pretty memento & for perfectly housing our sugar!
3//. these amazingly tasty macaroons & my lovely parents for bringing them all the way back from Paris for me!
4//. my brother for being very naughty & spoiling me with my favourite perfume for my birthday {thank you}.
5//. this cheerful little selection of succulents AND those bunny nail transfers from Harriet for brightening my week no end {thank you}.
What five simple things made your last week awesome?