5 {simple} things

Hello all,

Happy Monday to you! I hope you all had a really lovely weekend - I sadly worked all weekend, but I have Tuesday off, and it's set to be an exciting day indeed {so I'm sure it'll make up for a weekend of work!}. From Tuesday we will be doggy sitting two little canine pals - Titch & Benji - so expect some dogs based simple things next week {hopefully the dogs will stay still long enough for a good picture!!}.

Last week, as always I tried to look for those little things that made my week, so without further ado - here are last weeks five simple things:
1//. this amazing ice-cream constructed by the very lovely Katrina because it was naughty - but had fresh raspberries & blueberries inside!
2//. these scrambled eggs for starting Sunday off the right way!
3//. this little chap for continuing to blossom.
4//. this zine & accompanying envelope from Paul aka Alpha Wham which I won {yippee}. thanks Paul :)
5//.  & this little greedy bottom for knocking his food tin over whilst I wasn't looking & climbing in...he makes me laugh!
I hope you all had at least 5 little things that made you smile last week. So much happens every day its so easy to let it all pass you by as the days merge and you finish each week in much the same place you started. It's good to capture those fleeting moments that allow you to appreciate the small things.

Until tomorrow,