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Hello all,

Just thought I'd share this photograph of a stunningly beautiful collection of natural crystals that I found whilst browsing Pinterest yesterday.

Sometimes when I feel a little uninspired {right about now} it takes something really simple like this photograph to make me realise what an amazing world we live in and how many awe inspiringly beautiful things surround us. When I saw it, it seemed to give me a little kick up the bottom that:

1//. there is so much out there to see and inspire, I can't possibly be stuck in this little creative rut forever, I just need to get out there and explore a little bit more rather than expecting inspiration to just come to me.


2//. you can't rush things, you can't rush creativity - just like the crystals in that photo - god only knows how long it took for them to form {I suspect a really long time} and no one organised them into that formation, they just grew into this beautiful thing because nature was allowed to take its course. 

So, I don't know about you, and I'm not quite sure how one photo had such a profound effect on me, but in times of 'uninspiration' {I know that isn't a word!} like now, I'm not going to try and force it. In fact, I think, focusing on trying to be inspired most probably has the opposite effect on my creativity. 

Instead I'll focus on doing the things that make me happy; try to enjoy the simple things - and when that bolt of inspiration comes, I'll just embrace it and see where it takes me.

Has anyone else been feeling this way recently, or is it just me?