{room for improvement}

Hello all!

I hope you had a lovely lovely sunny weekend! I had a super action packed Sunday off completing a rather exciting little project I undertook as part of Money Supermarket's "Room for Improvement" campaign. I love my apartment, more than anything - and buying nice succulents things for my house is a bit of an addiction. 

I love collecting pieces of furniture or sweet accessories that just add something special to the feel of the place. However, since I moved in I've been super scared of attaching anything to my pristine white walls in case I manage to like pull an entire wall of plaster down or go through a water pipe!? I think it's a fear instilled in me as a child as I was discouraged from just banging things into my walls in my room at home incase I 'damage the walls'! So now, the thought of putting hammer to nail scares me somewhat...weird eh? Nothing a bit of filler and white paint can't fix right?

ANYWAY...I was kindly given £50 to spend on some goodies that would transform a room of my choosing in the house, so - I chose the lounge - as that way, the changes would benefit everyoneeee that comes to visit!

Here's what my lounge looked like before...
It was certainly still a very nice room, don't get me wrong - but it lacked any real coherence, from the sofa to the desk etc, and there wasn't really any thought behind the layout of the smaller items of furniture...plus as I said before there was a LOT of white wall!

So....TA DA....here's what I did:
I was really surprised at how drastically I could enhance a room with very little money. Granted a spent a little more than £50...but with some styling and a few key pieces of furniture and accessories {and a spin with the sewing machine for the cushion cover}, as well as a lovely handy helper {thanks Jack} you can transform an otherwise fairly plain space and make it something completely special!

So that's my newly improved living room...what do you guys think?


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