{update} we have a hashtag team!

Hello all!

As each day goes by and our little Craft party starts to come together, bit by bit, Harriet and I get more and more excited!

So, to help us all natter about our craft day plans, ask questions, get excited and generally just find each others tweets...we have come up with a hashtag...which was actually a lot more difficult than you might think! 

Apparently nothing sounds good with 'Soton' in it, and 'Southampton' takes up a huge chunk of a tweet...so after much deliberation we settled with #SCP!

Only 2 weeks to go!


p.s. we have some amazing sponsors providing treats for the goodie bags but if you'd like to contribute to the day, either by providing a selection of goodies for the goodie bag or a prize for our very exciting prize draw then please get in touch! Either comments here, tweet me or pop an email to hello@ohnorachio.com