5 {simple} things

Hello all and Happy Monday,

Last week was mostly spent indoors with my poorly back but I still managed to find a few little things that brightened up my otherwise dull week!
1//. this little pot of pencils that i jazzed up with my new best friend - the posca pen!
2//. these rogue piriton tablets that materialised in the bottom of my bag when I needed them most & thought I had none!
3//. this gorgeous breakfast, it needs no explanation.
4//. these beautiful white flowers that appeared from nowhere on my greek basil! :)
5//. THESE SUCCULENT BABIES for growing like you wouldn't believe & being ready to be plucked from their now shrively parent leaves! {yippee}.
I hope you all had a lovely week last week and managed to enjoy some sunshine at the weekend?
Lots to share this week!