{onr. biz} Blog Feedback // The Results...

Hello all!

You might remember my post from a couple of weeks ago where I asked for 30 seconds of your time to answer just 3 simple questions relating to blog post topics.

It's super important to me that I fill this blog with content that is relevant to you guys. Knowing what you guys are into means I can stop wasting time creating stuff you don't like & start focusing on what you do!

Thank you to all of you that took the time to give me your feedback - there were so many of you, it was really ace to hear all of your honest thoughts. There were several things that stood out loud and clear so I thought I'd share them with you in the form of a little infographic :)


Whilst across the board the general consensus was 'keep doing what you're doing' it was ace to see that you guys love the DIYs and want to see more, and that for the most part you're fans of the idea of regular video blogs.

There were a handful of people who weren't so keen on the vlogging side of things, and a similarly sized handful that were indifferent to it. So off the back of that, I've decided that I'll aim to upload a vlog roughly once a month rather than busting my gut to get one edited and uploaded every week (which is a really time-intensive task!). That way those that enjoy them can continue to do so, I can continue to explore another avenue and those that don't care for them don't have to see them pop up all the ruddy time! It's a win:win:win I think.

I was also interested to see that lots of you wanted to see more product updates. I don't often share behind-the-scenes design stuff, or post when new bits & pieces go live in store, because I worry you won't find it interesting. I'll be sharing more little process snippets from now on, which I hope you'll enjoy!

The biggest message though from all of your feedback was that you guys want more small business advice. Big time. That's ace news for me as I'm currently at the start of my journey into creating some online courses & e-books around just that topic!

So watch this space, thanks for your invaluable thoughts, and in the meantime I hope you enjoy all of the content I have planned for onr!


ps. you still have a few more hours to watch back the live small biz Q&A I did on Periscope yesterday evening. You can search for me there @ohnorachio - make a cup of tea, grab a snack & have a watch!