{FITNESS} Progress...

Hello all,

As may be aware, for 10 months now I've been working my way towards a fitter healthier me! On Saturday this week I'm running 5K & on Sunday I'm running {/walking!!} 10 miles - all in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research {you can read why, and if you'd like - donate here}.

I've never been a runner, always preferring less high impact activities like swimming due to my dodgy knees but I figured it's good to really challenge yourself sometimes, especially when you have something solid to work towards!

Throughout my journey so far I've been taking little progress pictures on my phone every 6/8 weeks or so, as I've found having older pictures to look back on gives me a bit of a boost and reminds me how far I've come!

It's easy when you see yourself in the mirror everyday to forget just how much you've achieved, especially when you're maybe not feeling your best. We all have those days! Especially as this process is a long one, where visible progress is often slow {as much as we all want it to be speedy!}.

Yesterday I took a quick snap of my 'middle' as I'm feeling pretty pleased with the recent progress I've been making in that area. Here's a 'before' photo of me from Christmas time last year, compared to me now. 

It's amazing how fairly small changes to your lifestyle can make such a big difference! I've not 'dieted' at all during the year - I've just made exercise part of my routine and consciously made healthier eating choices.

I'm no expert when it comes to fitness or nutrition but if there's any questions you have for me, or anything you'd be keen for me to post about - holla, and I'll try & cover it in the next fitness post!

It's not about dress size, or being thin - for me what's important is that I'm fit and I'm healthy, that's what matters.

I'm doing something positive for myself, and right now I'm really enjoying feeling so alive!