{onr. biz} Popsyclunk: on juggling a creative business, two children & a puppy!

Hello! I am Sally, Wife, Mummy of 2 little ladies, puppy tamer, chocolate snaffler, photography geek, tea drinker, music lover and owner of Popsyclunk, a small gifts and homewares business based in the heart of Derbyshire.

A little bit of background...
Popsyclunk was originally born over 3 years ago as a little venture to make wooden letters for my little girls bedrooms shortly after they were born. My range quickly expanded to wooden bunting, name plaques and freestanding illustrated letters and, a year or so into the (sometimes daunting but unbelievably amazing) world of being a Mummy, began to specialise in memory boxes as I noticed a gap in the market. I couldn't find any that would hold more than a hospital bracelet, cards and a lock of hair. I wanted my girls to have a record of the milestones in their lives such as their first journey through education, passing their driving tests, photos of their friends, mementoes from holidays, the whole story! 

Having just made the leap into full-time self employment, here's what I've learnt so far...

Make it personal: utilise blogging
Blogging is definitely my new found love, it almost feels like the magazine for your business or lifestyle. I love the snippets and nuggets of information or new products from Rachel’s blog, the refreshing style and gorgeous photography was an easy draw factor.

If like me you work alone, blogging is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, promote your business and feel part of a creative community.

I set up a blog to share a bit of my life as Mummy, wife, Puppy tamer, Creative business owner in order to document my creative journey.  I post about places we’ve been and would recommend, great kids activities, and little snippets of our lives as we create memories. 

Consider investing in courses
I went to two fantastic inspiration days run by Lyndsey James where I learnt that if you want to sell your handmade products online, good product photography is key. It was great to gain expert advice from the lady in the know and also meet like-minded creatives.

Keep those creative juices flowing
Try to keep being creative and innovative and always have a notebook to hand. I often have the best ideas when I’m in the bath or walking the pup, but I always write them down. I find that my creative business is part of my wider creative life and a day doesn’t go by where something doesn’t get scribbled into my notebook. If you're not a fan of good old fashioned pen & paper - start an ideas note on your phone!

Comparison is the thief of joy!
I’ve also learned to not compare myself to anyone else. Everyone has a story and everyone’s business will grow and develop in a different way which is what's fantastic about having a creative business.  I particularly admire Jane Lindsey. I love how Jane connects with the environment around her and often shows the process of the development of a product. You can have an idea in the morning and it can be turned into a product and online ready to sell by the end of the same day.

Social media presence is key
Social media is really important, utilised cleverly it can be rewarding & a key marketing platform for your business. If you hit social media with a plan of action - scheduled posts & set times to browse & interact you can avoid the pitfalls of Pinterest/Instagram browsing and not get sucked in for hours on end! 

Take time out
Above all else, it's so to take time out and have regular breaks during the day. It can sometimes seem impossible (especially if you are a busy mummy & wife of a hubby who is also a self employed creative business too!). It may seem selfish but taking the time to stop and take stock,  have a cuppa, flick through a magazine, do some colouring in even is essential to regain perspective. Those around you will thank you for it!

If you are thinking of setting up your own creative business then my advice is DO IT! You will never work so hard/feel so empowered/look back. Just make sure you take time to reflect every now and again and keep this quote in mind (I have it pinned up in my studio).

‘Don’t give up trying to do what you want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.’ Ella Fitzgerald.

Thanks for having me Rachel!