Allotment Update!

Hey Team!

As you read this I shall be on my merry way to sunny Lanzarote - hooooorah! Never fear though - I have a lovely little lot of posts scheduled in my absence to keep you all suitably topped up with a bit of inspiration, as well as a raaaather exciting little recipe post to come on Friday!!

Today though I thought I'd share with you a little allotment update, as lots of you have been asking how we're getting on, and to be honest I've been SO slack at documenting it all! I can however confirm that all is still very much well - and we're just starting to push into that lovely period where everything is about ready to be picked and enjoyed!

So here's our progress:

I must say these photos were taken a month or so ago - everything that you could see just developing is now fruiting, and growing wild! We have raspberries, strawberries, some lovely red potatoes, onions, shallots, chard, peas, gherkins, lettuces, radishes and gooseberries all ready to enjoy. With beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergine, sweetcorn, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, broccoli, courgettes, cavolo nero, leeks & cauliflower still to develop over the late summer!

I did however manage to kill a few of our plants - waaaah - neglect due to orders killed off my chillies, peppers, carrots & melons....silly me!

Next year, I am determined to have the allotment looking enviable, by putting in the hard work as winter arrives laying cardboard and tarp down to stop weeds and clear the ground for me!!

I hope those of you that also grow your own are having success and beginning to enjoy the fruits of all that labour!