{onr. fitness} A little progress update

Hello all,

It's been a while since I shared any of my fitness journey with you guys on here! Mainly because I guess, there wasn't much new to say. I've been plodding away sticking to my 3 gym classes a week for a long time now, and in the last few months I've added a weekly 5K run to the mix with our local Parkrun and I've started PT again, this time as a joint session with my good pal Megan. I guess since last summer I've been maintaining my fitness rather than really going to any great lengths to improve it per say.

However, with my PT/instructor currently away for 3 weeks visiting his family in The Gambia - I've been left to my own devices! So I've decided to up my game a little!

Since switching over to a largely plant based diet 3 months ago - I've been finding it a challenge to fuel my body with enough protein to help my muscles repair - whilst eating a fairly low amount of carbs. Having done some extensive research, it transpires that a high protein, low carb vegan diet is actually quite difficult.

Whilst I've been eating some incredible new meals - thanks to Serious Eats extensive vegan recipe archive - I've found I'm not relying on, but certainly eating a lot of, things like brown rice, lentils, oats, soba noodles. All of which are of course mega healthy, and do contain lots of lovely protein - however, they are pretty carb heavy. Where I used to eat lean meat/fish/eggs with veg post workout - I'm now having to find alternative sources of protein.

Cue my new best friend - raw powdered hemp! It's super high in protein, low in carbs, high in fibre and contains all 12 amino acids the body needs! It's super delish in porridge/smoothies - and raw hemp hearts I've found are ace sprinkled on top of salads, pasta, veg, all sorts! With 30g of protein per 2 powder scoops - and 10g per 3tbsp of the hearts, its been a great way for me to shoehorn in a little extra without resorting to chowing down on 2.5 blocks of tofu!!

Anyway - if plant based protein ideas are something you're interested in, I can totally do some recipe posts as I found it really hard to find anything good online!

Back to the progress though - the idea of upping my protein and limiting {in no way excluding} carbs within my diet, means that my body will hopefully start to drop a little more body fat. I'm within a nice healthy range, so I'm not too worried, but trimming the last bits of stubborn excess fat from my thighs/middle would be nice.

So combined with a little diet shake up, I've started back on Kayla Itsines' 'Bikini Body Guide' which I was working my way through last year with the lovely Dessy {kale is the new black}. I got to week 9 and fell off the wagon {as I went on my little yoga/pilates holiday}. I did however see incredible results - so cue round 2 of her 12 week guide! 

It's definitely harder to motivate myself without someone like Dessy who was 100% committed to getting every workout done without fail and who would routinely drag me to the gym BUT I'm determined to motivate myself!

Working out has been such a positive feature within my life since taking the plunge and going full-time self employed. It's given me a nice routine to structure my week around. It gets me out of the studio, gives me a nice bit of free air, time to pause, reset and clear my head - and has allowed me to make some super lovely new friends. Each class is like a little social event - and the regular girls that I go with are super rad - it's nice to see us all changing and getting fitter together!

// left: December 2013 // right: March 2016 //

// left: December 2013 // right: March 2016 //

I hope you guys don't mind me continuing to share this aspect of my life with you {past fitness posts here}. I know it's not to everybody's taste - but I think of this blog a little bit like an online diary, a way for me to track my milestones - both business, and personal - and a way for me to see how far I've come too!

If you would like to see more of this sort of thing though - you can always pop over to IG & follow @onrfitness where I post much more regularly  :)


{FITNESS} Progress...

Hello all,

As may be aware, for 10 months now I've been working my way towards a fitter healthier me! On Saturday this week I'm running 5K & on Sunday I'm running {/walking!!} 10 miles - all in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research {you can read why, and if you'd like - donate here}.

I've never been a runner, always preferring less high impact activities like swimming due to my dodgy knees but I figured it's good to really challenge yourself sometimes, especially when you have something solid to work towards!

Throughout my journey so far I've been taking little progress pictures on my phone every 6/8 weeks or so, as I've found having older pictures to look back on gives me a bit of a boost and reminds me how far I've come!

It's easy when you see yourself in the mirror everyday to forget just how much you've achieved, especially when you're maybe not feeling your best. We all have those days! Especially as this process is a long one, where visible progress is often slow {as much as we all want it to be speedy!}.

Yesterday I took a quick snap of my 'middle' as I'm feeling pretty pleased with the recent progress I've been making in that area. Here's a 'before' photo of me from Christmas time last year, compared to me now. 

It's amazing how fairly small changes to your lifestyle can make such a big difference! I've not 'dieted' at all during the year - I've just made exercise part of my routine and consciously made healthier eating choices.

I'm no expert when it comes to fitness or nutrition but if there's any questions you have for me, or anything you'd be keen for me to post about - holla, and I'll try & cover it in the next fitness post!

It's not about dress size, or being thin - for me what's important is that I'm fit and I'm healthy, that's what matters.

I'm doing something positive for myself, and right now I'm really enjoying feeling so alive!




Hello all!

So today's post is a super personal one for me - it's actually taken me a good few weeks to pluck up the courage to post it, because well, I think with things like this, where you're on a journey, one that is by no means complete - sharing the progress can leave you feeling quite vulnerable and exposed.

However, I wanted to share this little bit of progress for two reasons; First, because this blog is a part of me, I often share snippets of my life as well as my work and my fitness journey has been a huge part of my life for over 6 months now - so as much as it makes me cringe inside to share the before picture, I know that it isn't all that bad and we all have to start from somewhere eh? Secondly I wouldn't ever want to tell people how to live their lives. This isn't meant to be preachy at all - I've been doing this for me for my happiness, and my confidence, because I want to - BUT - if it inspires one of you to also make a positive change then that's great, but if that's the case then do it for yourself, nobody else.

Many of you follow my updates via Twitter, and it always warms my heart when I get little positive comments and words of encouragement, it's a great motivator!

Anyway here's the back story:

I was by no means fat, I know that, I was a little over weight - but I wasn't comfortable. I lacked any muscle tone and was just finding that all the clothes that I used to love no longer looked nice on me, or just didn't fit at all. Similarly my goal isn't to become 'skinny' - I want to be fitter and healthier.

I was so lucky to finding an awesome gym instructor, who soon became my personal trainer too. He isn't interested in weight or in dieting. He concentrates solely on my body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and tone - in order to help me to become as fit and as healthy as I can be.

I started myself with a class a week along with two/three solo sessions and gradually upped it as I improved my fitness so I'm now training once a week PT and four times a week with various classes including boxing, kick boxing, legs bums & tums, and step & tone.

I've not been dieting - in fact I'm consuming over 2000 calories a day but what I am doing is making sure I eat the right kinds of food - lots of protein {white meat, fish, eggs, tofu etc} and small amounts of complex carbs {brown rice, wholewheat pasta, wholegrain couscous, sweet potato} along with a ton of vegetables, plenty of fruit and lots of water. 


So there I am ^^ I'm probably half way to my goal - I've shaved my body fat percentage down by 6%; lost a total of 6 inches so far from my waist, hips and legs and have lowered my BMI from 22.8 to 21.0. I feel a lot better in myself, more energetic, less bloated, my stomach feels a lot flatter and firmer, I actually have muscles in my arms{!} and my legs and bum are becoming a lot more toned.

It's so difficult when you see yourself to notice the changes as they really are so gradual, but taking {all be it cringey} photos along the way and measurements is a great way to look back and realise how far you've come. 

There you have it then - not as drastic a change as some incredible 'before & after' journeys I see online, but nevertheless some progress that I think I can be proud of. 

I hope I didn't scar you guys for life, but I think it's so important that we all have the confidence to love our bodies, not hate them, and to encourage and support each other to be healthy and happy whatever shape or size we may be - life's too short to get consumed by 'size', let's just concentrate on being the best versions of ourself.