#4 Confessions of a small business owner

Oh hey team!

It's me, I'm still alive! Despite getting several concerned messages from lovely people over on social media! Thank you pals, for checking in - because I have been rather quiet lately haven't I!!

In fact, my last blog post was mid December, it was the tenth day of my annual #12daysofONR. Which, because I'm terrible sometimes {ok lets be honest, almost always} at *actual* business planning and prep, I didn't actually make it to day 12. Second year in a row guys, second year. I had such grand plans but once again I just couldn't quite make them happen!

I mean I'm ok with that, I know I can be pretty shoddy at organising and following through. Because I know the reason I let things slip is that I'm constantly spinning approximately 40,000 plates, especially at Christmas! 

As a one woman band I'm trying to blow the harmonica, whilst shake the tambourine and bash the drum and sing and dance all at the same time. It's hard! I feel like generally I'm doing an ok job though. I haven't yet thrown in the towel, or screamed in anyone's face at a craft fair. I'm pretty much on top of my orders at any given time, and I try to be timely when responding to customers enquiries.

Customer service is kind of my forté. I did it for years at Apple - and I love it. I love chatting to customers, listening to their stories and seeing their faces light up when they spot products they love, or that would make the perfect gift. Especially when those products are things I've dreamt up and designed. I even love working through any problems they might have, assuring them I'll get it sorted and ensuring they end the experience on a positive.

Running a business is not.

I mean I guess it is, I've been doing it *fairly* successfully solo full-time for nearly 3 years now but the actual business mind-set. The savvy marketing skills; the product life-cycles; the super duper well in advance seasonal prep work; and the newsletters with 'sales funnels'{?!}. The actual nitty-gritty drive those numbers up up up stuff. That's what I'm not so great at.

Probably what I actually need, is to find people who are ace at those things and employ them to help me out. Maybe in the not too distant future I'll be able to do that - but right now I don't really have the funds - and so, I'll keep muddling my way along, doing the best I can do, and not beating myself up too much that I can't do everything.

There's today's little confession for you! I've got a TON of vlog footage to edit and upload {oops}. I've got some exciting blog posts to share with you all soon I promise, I've got SEVEN new pin designs AND a totally new product to launch AND...well I've got all of your lovely daily orders to pack and ship too. {oh and not to forget the wedding I'm planning that's 8 months away...oh and all of the work that needs doing to our house...HA!}

So, I'm going to get back to spinning those plates!