it's {craft} party time!

Hello all!!

So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite snaps from our rather successful {if I do say so myself} Etsy Craft Party, or #SCP!

We had the most amazing day - ate some truly yummy cakes and treats, met some really wonderful like minded people, won some awesome prizes AND made ourselves some sweet motivational pennants and merit badges!

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new year. new pals: CamBlogMeet!

Hello all!

Apologies for the silence this week - I've had a week of scary mary interviews and so my mind has very much been a little per-occupied!

Alas though - yesterday I got my hands on my GORGEOUS new baby, the baby whose keyboard on which I type! I bought a new retina display MacBook Pro...and I think I'm in love!

Anyway, enough of that - onto the exciting part of this post - the CamBlogMeet! So, as you probably already know, probably definitely, myself, Claire, Harriet & Stacie organised a little creative meet up in Cambridge - hoorah! Well, last Saturday the day was upon us, and Harriet, Laura and I got the train up to Cambridge...

We started with a yummy little lunch accompanied by smoothies and the odd cocktail at TaBouche, which was super awesome. Claire had pulled together some awesome goodie bags which us little organisers added our own little additions for everyone too! After lunch we headed into the centre of town for a lovely sunny touristy walk!

You can see right there...amazeballs cattoos from Harriet, a little 'hello friend' card by moi, awesome stickers from Stacie, a sweet little postcard from the lovely Emma Block :) a cute little ring by Claire, as well as sweet smelling soap courtesy of Lush, Tea from Teapigs, wash tape from and a little bag of goodies from the ladies at Crafty Creatives! Thank you all for so many sweet gifts!
Photo courtesy of the lovely Harriet Gray!
Those last three were courtesy of the ace Claire! :)
The rest of the photos were taken by yours truly! Isn't Cambridge beautiful eh? I got city envy!
Thanks to Tyrrells for our free crispies! :)
It was ace to finally meet Stacie and Claire and Kelly {I'd already meet my bezzies Laura and Harriet}, as well as meet the lovely Emma Block and Emma Carlisle. Not only did I meet these ladies, but lots of new creative pals too!

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies that attended, it was amazing to meet so many lovely like-minded people! 

I super look forward to the next meet, wherever that may be!

Have a lovely weekend team!


Hello all!

I'm really rather excited to say that, Saturday is the day when I get to meet lots of my fave creative Twitter pals in real life! I literally can't wait to have a good old chat with them all as I already feel like they are my friends! 

Harriet and I, along with the lovely Laura are getting the train up together too which is all rather exciting, but today's post is not solely to share my excitement with you all - it's to confirm the venue...

The wonderful Claire has been the busiest bee up in Cambridge organising the event and all sorts of secret squirrel surprises {thank you Claire - you're the best!} and we can confirm that then venue that is booked is an awesome looking restaurant and cocktail bar {definitely up for a cheeky lunchtime mojito again!} called Ta Bouche!

Here's the finer deets:
Please can I ask that those of you who are coming, or would like to come, confirm your attendance for me by commenting on this post or tweeting me @ohnorachio using the hashtag #CamBlogMeet!

I am hugely looking forward to meeting you all - the more the merrier!

Lots of love!

{new pals!} //.1

Hello all!

Happy Wednesday - I hope you're all proud of me for actually keeping up with daily posts this week! I'm pretty pumped to have been to the gym everyday and got posts done....#PROductive!

Anyways, today I thought I'd finally share with you all a little insight into the rather successful first blogger meet for 2013!!
Laura, {me}, Rosie & Harriet
On the 9th I met three lovely ladies {lots about each of them below!} for lunch at the gorgeous White Star restaurant on Oxford Street in Southampton. We arrived at 1pm...had lunch and a cheeky lunchtime Mojito each and then ended up chatting until gone 5pm! The staff at White Star were really lovely and made sure we were very well looked after! I definitely recommend it to anyone in the area - for the archaeology geek like me it also has a really lovely history too!

my dessert had a happy little face!
So during lunch we talked about all sorts - from setting yourself up as full-time self employed, to registering your business, to setting up an Etsy shop, blogging, our lovely boys, travelling, wedding planning - all sorts! It was lovely!

Here's a little bit about each lovely lady! 

Harriet sells a TONNE of awesome stuff in her Etsy shop here!
Harriet is an awesome freelance illustrator and all round lovely pal! You can find lots of her work on her website here, and all sorts of ace updates on her blog here {p.s. she has a super cool giveaway running at the mo!} AND you can also follow her on Twitter here!! wowza.

p.s. I borrowed these images from the wonderful Stacie Swift as she did a lovely little feature on Harriet last month which you can read amongst other wonderful posts on her blog here

Lovely Laura has a wonderful blog filled with all sorts of DIY projects and lots of nail art tutorials too - she is an utter gem, and has even begun to organise our next crafty meet up in her mother-in-laws awesome little workshop...we were thinking {DIY} terrariums??

Anyway - you can find Laura's inspirational offerings here AND follow her on Twitter here!!

How cool are these gorgeous notebooks??

Rosie is a freelance graphic and surface designer - she, as you can see makes some awesomely colourful patterns which she has printed onto cards, fabric, notebooks and lots of other ace things. You can actually find her lovely items here & here, as well as read her little blog here AND like the rest of us, follow on Twitter here!

All in all an awesome day! I can't wait to see these lovely little ladies again!

I've started something...

Hello all,

I'm typing this here blog post with even wearier Sunday evening fingers than usual. That's because I've started something new, well not started as such but I've certainly attempted to get back onto the wagon.

The news is, I joined the gym...on Valentines day no less and have been everyday since. Crazy motivation came from somewhere, I don't know where or why but I'm definitely running with it {no pun intended!}.

For some unknown reason I also decided to purchase myself this '30 day shred' DVD which everyone seems to be raving about. It's set to arrive tomorrow morning and I must say I'm rather scared.

I'm doing this not just to lose some weight and tone up - but to help myself build a proper routine to stick to, as I've talked about before, juggling a full-time job and a small business is difficult - and in the evenings it's all too easy to slump into the sofa and feel to tired to get everything I need to done. I just need to use my time more wisely and going to the gym picks me up and gives me time to think. 

So although this isn't really a lifestyle blog, I hope you won't mind if I occasionally throw in a post on my progress. I'm aiming to lose 21lbs {over a sensible amount of time!}.

I have a sweet little post to share tomorrow which I'm exciting about - so be sure to pop back!
I hope you all had wonderful weekends!


a thought on... | creativity |

Hello all,

Yesterday two things happened:

1//. I had a little bit of a melt down {there were tears!}

2//. I received my order from the wonderful Charlotte Vallance.

It was really spooky actually - now everyone loves a good bit of post, especially after a particularly stressful day - but this little package contained something that could not have been more fitting to how I was feeling right then.
Charlotte included that lovely little card you can see above with my order {complete with a very sweet note - thank you Charlotte} which on the front had the quote by Edwin H. Land which I've re-designed above. It gave me goosebumps and made me think about how I look at things. I'm super scared of failure, massively! 

Right now especially - I'm at a bit of a cross roads in my life really, I'm nearly 25, I have a great job which I enjoy every day - but I also blog and at the centre of that is my own business, which is starting to become something really exciting...and, at some point, if this continues to grow, I shall have to do what I've always dreamed of and take the plunge into being full-time self employed. Now that, is a really scary thought. I have financial responsibilities and taking the plunge can be a really risky business.

So right now...I'm a little stuck, teetering on the edge of what is to come, just trying to focus on doing what I do everyday really well and just hoping in blind faith that if I {to quote Nemo} "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" everything will work out in the end. As my hero Steve Jobs once said - "you can't join the dots looking forward, only looking back".

Tomorrow is an exciting day - so there will be a Saturday post to look out for!
Have an awesome weekend!


{oxfam} Rumble in the Jumble 2..

Hello all!

Christmas is traditionally the time of giving, but why can't January be too eh? Well it just so happens that on New Years Eve no less, I was contacted by the lovely Katie about donating some pieces of my work to 'The Music Circle's' event 'Rumble in the Jumble'.

Rumble in the Jumble is an awesome jumble sale style event from which all of the proceeds are donated to Oxfam's project to help abused women in the Republic of Congo. A huge list of celebs are involved, donating pieces to the event and such, and the idea is that you pop along with a bag of your own jumble to sell and then head back with, probably more stuff than you came with  - but with that warm fuzzy feeling inside, and a little less shopping guilt than usual!

Anyway, I'm rambling on...essentially, Katie is running a stall full of awesome stationery and encouraging people to keep a diary, or think of some ace new years resolutions and even join the 'to-do' list bandwagon...the perfect little place for some of my notebooks eh? So yesterday I got my pens out and illustrated her up a bunch of books, including the 'Big Book of Ideas'; 'Need to do's and Nice to do's' and several 'Dear Diary's'. I do hope that these go down well and that they manage to generate a good little chunk of money for charity. 

So in the name of being charitable I urge you to do a good deed today, even the smallest act of kindness can have the biggest don't be a stranger, give someone a smile, pop some loose change in a charity tin - even if its only a few pennies, buy that homeless guy you walk past everyday a little cup of tea....
If you happen to be in or around London on Saturday 26th of January - get yourself down to Bethnal Green, it's set to be a flipping awesome day {last year they raised over £7K!!} more info here.

Remember kids:
more karma. less drama.


{new year. new pals} Blogger meets!

Hello all,

Exciting news today! Well, just before Christmas myself and some other lovely Twitter illustration-blogger type pals {namely the lovely Stacie, Harriet, Laura & Claire!} were chatting about how nice it would be to meet some of you amazing crafty people that seem to be out there all over the place...hi!

Well - 2013 shall be the year to meet new pals, eat cake, drink tea and share tips and ideas. I have a real fondness for many of you regular readers, tweeters and fellow bloggers and I'd love to be able to meet you all in real life! So if you'd also like to meet some very lovely and like minded individuals then take note:

We are hosting two blogger meets....

So, if you are free on either of those dates and fancy meeting some new people leave a comment with your email address below, or tweet me @ohnorachio and I'll keep you posted on the details!!

I look forward to meeting you all,
share these dates with your friends and fellow bloggers, the more the merrier!