{carpe diem} this one's on me...

Hello all - happy friday!


I'm back in the UK {yay} and I


 I might have beaten jet lag {win!}. I've have literally had the most amazing month and it got me thinking deeply {eek!}. So I thought I'd share a little one with you today in the spirit of going out there and doing a little bit of the things you love everyday. 

'Carpe Diem' is an ace phrase to live by -  

seize the day  -

everyday! So I made this little graphic. What better way to remind yourself to do that than if it's staring you in the face {in a very pretty way!} every time you look at your computer!


To download this little screensaver click the image above and simply save to your computer!

I really hope you like it!

Have a super wonderful weekend...


{hello} Dallas!

Hey y'all!

Just a quick post today to share some pics from my trip to Dallas - I want to get on with posting some Vancouver antics as I've been free to do lots of ace things here in Vancouver {this trip is a holiday, not for work - yay!}.

So, Dallas was ace, I had a pimpin' room which I shared with the rather awesome Steph...it was so hip it had a TV inside the bathroom mirror - sweet eh? I did enjoy catching up on a bit of Fresh Prince whilst having a shower!
As y'all know though, I was in Dallas with work so I can't say I did a huge amount of sight seeing. Plus it was so hot and we were inside for such long periods of time I pretty much rushed to the pool each evening to catch the last fading rays of sun to banish my casper white complexion! Also the view from the rooftop pool was unbelievable...check it out!
I pretty much spent all of my spare time at the pool - come on, who wouldn't, it was gorgeous and super hot. Other than that I shopped, a lot!

All in all I did have a really great time in Dallas, what totally, hands down made the experience was the people I went with and those I met. I've never spent time with a more amazing, diverse, interesting group of people. I'd have loved to have spent some more time there actually seeing what Dallas has to offer but I can't complain, Vancouver is amazing! 


p.s, now that I'm not in Dallas I might have to stop saying y'all - I'm sure most of you are pretty pleased about that eh?

{hello} Dallas friends...

Hey y'all


The best part of being in Dallas was the 200 amazing people I got to spend two weeks with! I think next year a road trip round the US is in order...I'm not quite sure how I'll survive without my new fave Americans in my life!

So on our last night in Dallas we were provided with a super ace photobooth and left to our own devices...here's some snaps of the wicked cool kids I got to spend the last two weeks with.

I do hope that England is still rather wonderful? I hear the weather has been pretty alright over the last couple of days..

Love to you all!



{DIY} neon ♥ iPhone case

Hello all, happy Friday!
It's that time of week again, I'm sharing a little {DIY} for you guys to have a go at over the weekend - yay {I hope}!

I love changing up the cases on my beloved iPhone, my baby in fact. So I thought I'd have a crack a revamping a cheap one into something a little more unique!

All you need is a rigid plastic iphone case in any colour really - I bought mine for £2 in Primark {bargain!}.

This DIY is totally customisable in a million ways depending on what you like! Plus it takes no time at all to do so it's well worth a go...

{here's what you will need}
//. a hard plastic iPhone case
//. a piece of paper/card
//. scissors
//. a pencil and paintbrush
//. paint 
//. mod podge {wonderful stuff} 
//. PVA/varnish
1//. Easy - just take your paper and neatly trace exactly around your iphone case {back against the paper}. Make sure you also trace neatly around the camera hole. Cut it out.
 2//. Take your Mod Podge or adhesive and apply a thin even coat to the entire back of the case. Then carefully take your paper back and apply it very carefully onto the case - making sure you particularly line up the camera hole. 

3//. Smooth out any creases/bubbles gently with a credit card or something similar! If the paper is a little see-through then you can always coat it with a layer of white paint {I did this!}.

4//. Draw your design onto the paper you have left - you can trace the case again if you like to make sure your design will fit, and paint your design {the neon heart in my case}.

5//. As soon as your design is dry you can cut around it and apply another thin layer of adhesive to your now white case. Then place your design onto the case and again smooth it down. 
6//. Then take your adhesive and carefully start to brush it over your design to seal it in.
7//. Coat your entire design with adhesive and leave to dry.

8//. TA DA! you're totally done - snap it onto your phone and bask in the glory of your newly customised super cool iPhone case. yay.
If you do have a little go at this yourself then please do share you creations with me {@ohnorachio}


p.s. apologies - can you tell I love neon pink hearts and hand written typography? oops.

{happy friday!} thought for the weekend...

{image} besotted brand - a pretty ace blog actually!

I saw this lovely quote and I just thought you know what, that's a really beautiful and profound statement. Today, instead of a blog post on a particular topic I'm just going to share this. It's nice to just think about it for a while, such a simple and actually, obvious statement but one I think everyone should try to live by. Steve Jobs is a MASSIVE inspiration to me, as I'm sure he is to millions the world over. He was awe inspiring. I'm just starting to read his biography actually - I highly recommend it. It genuinely makes you think, as he wanted, different.

Anyway, I didn't want to cloud the above statement with a tonne of my own ramblings so I'll leave it at that. Have a fantastic weekend all - let's hope this sun sticks around!