{allotment} update tiiiiime...

Hello all,

A little eeny weeny allotment update for you all today - and a bit of allotment based sad news.

Bad news:

 {always good to get the bad out the way first eh?} Our beautiful carrots {see below, basking in their own carroty glory} were snaffled


so much so that they disappeared without a trace , by naughty rabbits. Sad times indeed - I feel like I can, for the first time in my life empathise with mean old Mr McGregor from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Those little carrots were our pride and joy. boo. Anyway, life goes on - you win some you lose some!

Good news:

There is a whoooole host of other exciting plant based goodness just getting started. I've planted up seeds left right and centre...as you can see below, so I thought I's hare a little growing/propagating progress...we have: garlic; onions; butternut squash; artichokes; cucumber & the baby basil I've been continuing to nurture!

Are you getting into the gardening swing of things yet?

Also - do you have any top tips to share, I'd love to hear them...we've still got a


 to learn!

Tomorrow I shall hopefully have a little {DIY} to share with you - a nice easy {but super awesome} one to get you in the summer holiday spirit -



{hello} Prague

Hello all!

Did you miss me? I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and managed to enjoy some of this lovely sun we seem to all of a sudden have been given!

So for those of you that saw last weeks posts {here & here}, I was looking forward to a surprise trip away courtesy of my lovely boyfriend Jack. Well, as you will have guessed from the title of this little post - the mystery location was Prague!!

I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful thoughtful boy - and I can report we had the most amazing time together. It was an absolutely stunning city to visit, the architecture is beautiful, the food was amazing and we had a really relaxing time at the hotel.

Here are a few of my many snaps...I'll be sharing a little more about the city, things to do, sites to see & places to eat later this week...I do hope you'll enjoy!

I hope you I didn't spam you with too many pictures and that you liked what you saw...

Back to work tomorrow :(


{a mini break} & a big birthday.

Hello all and super happy Monday to you!

I have a little announcement for you all - tomorrow it's my birthday and I shall be turning 1/4 of a century - yep the big 25. 

I'm super lucky enough to have 8 days off work starting from today - now that alone is a pretty exciting prospect - however, it gets even better...tomorrow evening we're having a nice meal with friends but then after that it all gets a little bit exciting.

Jack has told me that we're going away for my birthday somewhere - I've known this for a while, but the location, and duration are a complete mystery to me! It's really very exciting, and to be honest I don't even care where we're going - I'm just looking forward to spending some quality time with Jack, and just the thought of the amount of effort he's gone to planning this all and keeping it an exciting surprise is amazing. I'm so lucky.

So - because I'm going to be away for a few days, I hope you won't mind me taking a little weeks break from blogging. I do however have a little post lined up from the super talented Harriet for tomorrow's big day!

I promise that when I get back from wherever I'm going {eeek!} I'll share with you all lots of pictures!

Have a wonderful week my lovelies!


{dreaming of} tokyo...

original image here
Hello all!

Happy Wednesday to you - today is a pretty big deal for me because I have a big old interview up in London {I'm not scared though, I'm actually quite excited} so I would appreciate it if you are reading this - if you could send me some positive/good luck vibes?  thanks.

Anyway...I don't know about you, but I'm just wishing that spring would hurry up and come along! That 13 degrees Saturday fooled me into thinking spring was upon us, but lo and behold...we then got two days of snow and now insane icy winds. Not impressed.

It's also that time of year when I start dreaming about where I'd like to go for a nice summer holiday, and there's nowhere I want to go more than to Japan. Especially as whilst we're all shivering over here - spring really is almost in full swing over there. It's nearly cherry blossom season, or Sakura and I can't think of a more beautiful time to visit...
Aside from the stunning cherry blossoms, I could eat sushi and Japanese cuisine all day every day, and everything able to Japanese culture is incredibly interesting.

I think ideally you'd need to spend at least two or three weeks there to actually make the most of it - especially as I'd love not only to visit Tokyo, but some of the more traditional areas and visit several of its islands.

I've been researching places to stay whilst in Tokyo and things to do and see - but I'd love suggestions if any of you have already been!

Where in the world would you go if you could go anywhere tomorrow?