it's {craft} party time!

Hello all!!

So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite snaps from our rather successful {if I do say so myself} Etsy Craft Party, or #SCP!

We had the most amazing day - ate some truly yummy cakes and treats, met some really wonderful like minded people, won some awesome prizes AND made ourselves some sweet motivational pennants and merit badges!

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5 {simple} things

Hello all, 

Happy Monday to you all - did you enjoy your weekend? I had an awesome week last week, despite being off for a couple of days with a poorly back {sorry for the lack of posts!} I managed to take enough Ibuprofen and ice pack goodness to see through the awesome CRAFT PARTY that Harriet and I tirelessly organised. It was the most lovely day and I met some really amazing new pals - lots more to come on that this week as well as a raaaaather exciting giveaway for those of you who sadly couldn't make it!!

So - to kick things off - here are my 5 favourite things:
1//. THIS awesome tassel garland for our prize table by the wonderful Melissa of 'The Sweet Hostess'.

2//. THIS lunch for being ridiculously delicious and healthy, win.
3//. This icecream for ruining that lunch but helping reso
4//. This gorgeous little book for being 20p and filled with wonderful illustrations.
5//. my little 'treetrunks' merit badge, for just making me laugh every time I look at it!
I hope you all had an awesome week - I found it super difficult to chop these down to just 5 little moments, but that can only be a good thing right?


girl done good {back done bad}

Hello all,

Happy miserable weathered! I do hope you've had an ace week so far? I must say, I have and haven't in almost equal measure.

It's been the best week for post, possibly ever - with things arriving every day for our Craft Party that's just a week away! eep.


I've also been off work, and pretty much immobilised by my stoopid bad back! It's not been fun. It's actually one of those silly things, see, I went to visit the doctor and then the osteopath for the first time about it on Tuesday. Turns out I likely injured my lower back months and months ago...and since then my whole spine has been trying to compensate for a vertebra being out which in turn has set my whole spine out of whack. 

When 'Jonathan' my osteopath asked me "how often do you have pain in your back?" my answer was 70-80% of the time theres some form of pain, often dull, but so often there I sort of get used to it. Until last week when I started getting crippling muscle spasms. Apparently that frequent back pain isn't normal {!}. It's silly isn't it? If any one of my friends or family ever said to me, that they were getting any kind of pain for that percentage of their time I'd tell them to go straight to a doctor, yet I just kept putting it off, thinking I didn't want to waste peoples time whinging about back pain - which everyone gets right? Wrong. What with my knees being fairly rubbish, I thought 'oh god, not another thing - you must be being a hypochondriac'.

The lessons we can all learn from this are two fold:

1//. your spine is like a pile of bricks, when one gets knocked out of place, they all get thrown out.

2//. don't be a donut like me - if you're suffering from back or neck {or any sort of chronic pain} get it checked out. The longer you leave it, likely the worse it'll get!

Enjoy the rest of your rainy wednesday - hopefully it's one of those days where you can get all of those 'to dos' done because you can't face leaving the house?

Now excuse me whilst I retrieve the ice pack from the freezer again {I'm just hoping it's re-frozen or I'll be making a bee line for the petit pois!}.


{update} we have a hashtag team!

Hello all!

As each day goes by and our little Craft party starts to come together, bit by bit, Harriet and I get more and more excited!

So, to help us all natter about our craft day plans, ask questions, get excited and generally just find each others tweets...we have come up with a hashtag...which was actually a lot more difficult than you might think! 

Apparently nothing sounds good with 'Soton' in it, and 'Southampton' takes up a huge chunk of a after much deliberation we settled with #SCP!

Only 2 weeks to go!


p.s. we have some amazing sponsors providing treats for the goodie bags but if you'd like to contribute to the day, either by providing a selection of goodies for the goodie bag or a prize for our very exciting prize draw then please get in touch! Either comments here, tweet me or pop an email to

{Etsy} it's party time!

Photo source, design by ONR
Hello all,

Guess what?! Well you've probably already guessed...BUT...we will be hosting a Craft Party in sunny Southampton on June 20th as part of Etsy's annual craft party!

Hopefully we'll get nice weather so that we can all sit out on the big roof terrace outside my little apartment - then we can soak up some summer sun and get our craft on!

I've got a super ace {DIY} planned for us all to do, as well as a whole host of treats including tasty summer drinks, homemade fruity ice lollies, cakes {yay cakes} and maybe even ice cream with sprinkles!

Just like the blog meet ups we hosting earlier this year - the event will be a really great opportunity to meet some like minded and very lovely people, as well as get stuck into some crafting action and have a natter whilst you enjoy a good piece of cake!

If you are in the South {or even if you're not} and fancy joining us then please do let me know in the comments below, including your email and I'll make sure I get you a proper Etsy invitation to the event!

Please share with any friends you think might also like to come, tweet about it, blog about it, shout about it if you like - the more the merrier!

Here's to an awesome {sunny} day!
More deets to come soon...