5 {simple} things

Hello all,

HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU! today is a rather exciting Friday for me as I have the day off {hoorah}, however, having said that, I literally have what feels like a million and one things to do - so I have a packed 'to-do list' and will hopefully manage to get it all done. Sadly much of it involves having to venture outside into the rain.

Anyway, here's this weeks edition of 5 {simple} things that made my week...
1//. This nail varnish for bringing so much sparkly joy.
2//. These hand weights for killing me slowly {Jillian is becoming the devil}.
3//. This baby basil for continuing to grow!
4//. This & many more stickers by Laura Manfre for killing me with cute!
5//. This poached egg from my mum's neighbour {'s hens!!}.
What things made your week?

Have an awesome weekend...


shred shred shred.

Hello all,

A mini update for you - I mentioned here that I was starting to try to get fit and tone up, well I must say - it's going pretty good, I did a solid 12 days shredding before taking an equal amount of days break, I know, it's bad, I fell off the wagon a little as I was prepping for an interview {that's now over, hoorah!} and I was also getting a twingy knee and I didn't want another episode of this. However I have continue to hit the gym and monitor what I'm tucking into food wise - it's all steps in the right direction.

Anyway - the good news is I'm back on the shred - accompanied by the lovely Harriet! So watch this space as I promise this time I'll go the full 30 days {I don't want to get on the wrong side of Jillian...}.

I thought I'd share with you my 'fitspo' image of myself that I'd rather like to get back to, so here it is:

This was me just over 3 years ago!! Pretty different huh?

I'm literally about to commence Day 3 of the shred once this wee post is published, so wish me luck, I need all of the motivation I can get!!


{hello} my new best friend...

Hello all,

Not one of my usual crafty posts today, I thought I'd share something a little bit different - I've fallen in love with a new gadget...

For anyone that knows me, you're probably well aware of two things...
1//. I love my food
2//. I'm pretty damn competitive {it's a curse!}

So in one way, my new addition suits me perfectly and in another it makes me a little sad {it reminds me to eat less!}. I can reveal I am now the proud owner of a wonderfully gadgety {if that's even a word} Nike FuelBand! It's rather exciting.

The FuelBand basically tracks my activity levels throughout the day in a really clever way and converts it to 'Fuel Points'...which you basically use to compete with yourself {and friends}. It knows the difference between walking and cycling and also when you're going up stairs as opposed to walking on the straight. This means its really accurate at counting calories and the super cool technology inside it means that it's really clever and only measures a very small range of activity so unlike a pedometer you can cheat by shaking it! If that doesn't excite you enough then its also a rather sweet looking watch.

The only things it doesn't do that I wish it did is a} talk to the app MyFitnessPal and b} it doesn't track my sleeping patterns like the FitBit One does...so please Nike, sort that out?

I'm not explaining it very well - but essentially it's ace because it makes me think about the activity that I'm doing and spurs me on to choose stairs rather than the lift/escalator and walk wherever I'm going and take the scenic route!

With any luck it'll help me lose some of the weight I gained whilst gorging myself in America!!
It's not cheap, at £130 {available only at the Nike flagship store in London and online in America} but I would definitely recommend it! You gotta love a bit of healthy competition.


p.s. this isn't a sponsored post - although I very much wish it was!