a little new forest walk...

Hello all!

The other day Jack, Bing and I went for a little walk in the New Forest just before sunset {having had a rather large brunch!!}. The light was fading so I didn't manage to get a huge number of good shots, but here's the few that were reasonably in focus...I really liked the muted colours.
Hope you had a super ace weekend!


Firstly, an apology for the radio silence over here on the blog for the past week - I genuinely am terribly sorry, I promise to get more organised and keep posts coming throughout the week!

Second - an explanation. 

So, the time finally came that I was ready to go back to work! Hooray for seeing all my buddies again and actually getting back into the swing of things, but boo for missing my new favourite morning ritual - watching 'This Morning', drinking mint tea and checking out all of my favourite blogs!

I've been back at work for a whole week now - it's been super good, I've been busy busy planning all sorts of secrets for a big event. I do love to plan - although my knees it turns out - not so much. It's been ok, don't get me wrong. No episodes of writhing around on the floor in pain, so that's ace, but I have been feeling it a fair bit on the poor knees and I am back to evening sessions with my good friends - frozen peas.

This week I have some good plans for you to look forward to - {DIY}, more {colour ways} some little shop updates and maybe a little foodie post!

Here's to a great week!

seeing green..

..in a good way!

Our whole flat is like a little oasis at the moment and soon it'll be like a jungle, I can't wait. Last year we moved into our gorgeous apartment - our lounge and kitchen are joined and follow a huge semi-circular curve with 8 floor-to-ceiling lovely south facing windows, it's pretty lovely! 

So last summer one of my friends recommended a company called Rocket Gardens, who grow organic fruit, veg and herbs from seed and when they are big enough they sent them to you all beautifully packed. We grew lettuces, tomatoes, beans, beetroot, spinach, spring onions, chillies, all sorts...it was great but there were things we loved and wished we'd had more of and things that we didn't really like - so this year I decided to get stuck right in and grow lots of lovely plants from seed! I'm on my way to having pointed sweet peppers, bell peppers, red chillies, caribbean chillies, strawberries and 9 different types of tomatoes...it is literally super exciting times here!

Anyway, I thought I'd share some little pictures I took yesterday of all of the green I have around me right now!

Definitely recommend getting growing to everyone, who says you did a big garden to grow vegetables eh?


love this...

How amazing is this glittery nail varnish? PERFECT for summer! These photos totally don't do it justice, I couldn't get a great picture but I think these capture the essence all the same! It's from Topshop..you can get it here, but it's amazing! (I think I already said that but it is!). It comes out as thick glitter, not the usual clear polish with one or two glittery specks. I did use four coats but it dries super quick.

{update} Just opened the door to a delivery man and he said "love the nails!!". ha.

I also thought I'd share some pictures I've taken today in the lovely summer sun in my garden.

Hope everyone is also getting a chance to enjoy the sun - even if it is just an hour to enjoy lunch outside!