5 {simple} things

Hello all and Happy Monday,

Last week was mostly spent indoors with my poorly back but I still managed to find a few little things that brightened up my otherwise dull week!
1//. this little pot of pencils that i jazzed up with my new best friend - the posca pen!
2//. these rogue piriton tablets that materialised in the bottom of my bag when I needed them most & thought I had none!
3//. this gorgeous breakfast, it needs no explanation.
4//. these beautiful white flowers that appeared from nowhere on my greek basil! :)
5//. THESE SUCCULENT BABIES for growing like you wouldn't believe & being ready to be plucked from their now shrively parent leaves! {yippee}.
I hope you all had a lovely week last week and managed to enjoy some sunshine at the weekend?
Lots to share this week!


{nom} Plenty...

Yesterday was totally lovely wasn't it? I didn't actually get to enjoy much of the sun as I was at work - but it didn't matter, knowing the sun is out is enough to set me up for the day!

This sudden burst of sunshine inspired me to do a little post on the humble vegetable, well the many, many humble vegetables in season right now. 

I've always been a big fan of fruit and veg - I can't get enough of the stuff - but when the boy and I started getting really into Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's "River Cottage Veg" it inspired us to also go veggie for the summer. Not because we object to eating meat but because, as Hugh put it, people tend to rely on a slab of meat to flavour a dish. When you take that meat away, you're forced to experiment with flavours and be more adventurous with your veg and your spices!

So as I had this weekend off I took the opportunity to have a flick through our new favourite book and choose a few recipes to throw together for my lovely lad on his return home from work, and here's what I made...

The recipes above are all from Yotam Ottolenghi's book 'Plenty'. Yotam isn't a vegetarian himself, like Hugh {and us} but shares the view that vegetarian dishes need not be dull and uninspirational as they often are.
This is Yotam's book by the way...sweet front cover as well I think!

Anyway, the plate above contains sweet potato cakes {super nom}, wild coconut rice, breakfast radishes and a marinated cucumber and onion salad {heaven literally}. The recipes are all pretty straight forward, but honestly, the flavours were phenomenal, so on that success story we shall be producing many, many more meals from this inspirational book in the weeks to come.

In summary then - getting your 5-a-day can be super easy and incredibly tasty and I would encourage every one of you meat lovers out there to at least try and commit to cutting out some meat and shoe horning in every imaginable kind of vegetable or piece of fruit you can get your hands on this summer because as soon as winter comes - it'll be back to parsnips and potatoes and mark my words, you'll be missing the abundant supply of fresh produce we have available right now!

Apologies for the very wordy blog today...I promise a less wordy offering tomorrow :)


seeing green..

..in a good way!

Our whole flat is like a little oasis at the moment and soon it'll be like a jungle, I can't wait. Last year we moved into our gorgeous apartment - our lounge and kitchen are joined and follow a huge semi-circular curve with 8 floor-to-ceiling lovely south facing windows, it's pretty lovely! 

So last summer one of my friends recommended a company called Rocket Gardens, who grow organic fruit, veg and herbs from seed and when they are big enough they sent them to you all beautifully packed. We grew lettuces, tomatoes, beans, beetroot, spinach, spring onions, chillies, all sorts...it was great but there were things we loved and wished we'd had more of and things that we didn't really like - so this year I decided to get stuck right in and grow lots of lovely plants from seed! I'm on my way to having pointed sweet peppers, bell peppers, red chillies, caribbean chillies, strawberries and 9 different types of tomatoes...it is literally super exciting times here!

Anyway, I thought I'd share some little pictures I took yesterday of all of the green I have around me right now!

Definitely recommend getting growing to everyone, who says you did a big garden to grow vegetables eh?


{nom}...Five a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

This is what I've been snacking on for the last week...isn't it all pretty? There's nothing better than healthy, wholesome, homemade food to mend a poorly body right?

I've always been a massive lover of good food and I'm lucky enough to have a gorgeous boy who shares my passion for all things tasty. Since I've been at home fixing my knees I've had lots of time to enjoy eating my five a day! My current faves are a good Braeburn apple (they are so ace right now) and passion fruit (always a winner in my books!). 

All of that fruit has had a real positive effect, I'm sure it's helping my knees get better but I've got a tonne of energy (even though I've got to have my legs up almost all day), I'm getting loads done. I've taught myself a bit of adobe illustrator as you can see above - I'm pretty pleased with the outcome if I do say so myself! Also, I think when you're filling your body with nutritious, colourful, fresh things it's really good for you mind too - and I need all the positive vibes I can get!

So the morale of todays story is...try try try to get your five a day because I promise you you'll feel great and you're body will totally thank you for it!