{sweet find}

Hello all,

I thought I'd share with you today something I found in a local charity shop whilst having a little wander. 

I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment with my back - I'm still getting a lot of pain, especially when I'm standing for long periods of time, so I'm off work this week and pretty housebound :( It's really frustrating as I'm able to potter about for a little bit without pain, but then when something triggers it its agonising and I just have to take the weight off it and ice the damn thing! I've got some physio coming up and another appointment with Mr osteopath so I'm hoping to be back at work next week - until then though I have a plan...

I hate feeling like I'm wasting my time - I always have so much to do and get on with and think about, that when I'm ill I just get really fed up that I can't get everything I need to do done. So I've been trying to think up a little project to do this week, if you have any suggestions - hit me up!

Anyway - I've digressed - on a little potter to the other day I came across this little beauty for a mere £4, now I'm assuming it was intended for the display of 'trinkets' - I'm envisaging little glass animals like these or something! Anyway - I thought it would make a nice greenhouse for some of my baby succulent cuttings.

Here's how it turned out:
What do you think - is it cute, or a bit cringe?


5 {simple} things

Hello all,

Happy Monday again! I hope you all had a good week? Here's the things that made last week ace. 

Apologies for the fairly poor photography this week - there were a distinct lack of white backgrounds out & about!
1//. this awesome cone of raspberry pavlova & coconut gelato with sprinkles {excuse the post allotment nail polish!} for starting the week off right!
2//. these & several other parcels of goodies for arriving throughout the week & filling me with child-like glee!
3//. this little beauty for doing so well after its 'beheading' - no less than 7 new baby plants have grown from the stump!
4//. these lovely new allotment additions for being grown by people with mental health problems & learning disabilities which in turn raises much needed money & awareness for the charity 'mind'.
5//. THIS awesome homemade Sunday breakfast for reminding me just how good having a rare weekend off work can be!
All in all a great week - other than suffering from hideous back pain {helped by copious amounts of Ibuprofen!}.

As always, here's to another good week & lots of opportunities to enjoy the small stuff!


p.s. here's a bonus simple thing that made me chuckle:
benji enjoying his car ride home last week!

5 {simple} things

Hello all,

HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY!! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that today proves similarly lovely! I'm lucky enough to have today off despite being at work all weekend - so I shall be off to the allotment and hopefully also another little trip to ikea for a new set of shelves to replace our decrepit 'Billy.

We'll also hopefully going for a nice long walk with our two foster canine pals that we've got for the next two weeks {they've really settled in actually, which is lovely!}.

Anyway - I must say, last week was really rather good - in all aspects, despite working, so here are my five favourite little things that contributed to my wonderful week!
1//. these absolutely gorgeous magnets by the super talented you know who...
2//. these many many new succulent babies for giving me the succulent fix I feel myself craving more & more {that's it now Rachel, no more!!}
3//. and a little charity shop find pot that I covered in copper dots {DIY to come}

4//. this epic halloumi burger that Jack & I had on Sunday for being the perfect summer evening noms.
5//. these little washi tapes in combination for making my orders seem nice and summery!
Did you have a good week team? Anything particularly awesome happen that made you chuckle?

Here's to another cracking week next week!

*|...an elephant update...|*

Hello all,

Check out these snaps of my little white elephant planter {see the DIY tutorial here} from when I first planted him up & now - just 4 weeks!
I'm especially proud of my little bears paw over there on the right {he's my fave} but I am mildly concerned that the chappy in the middle is going to completely dwarf everything else - so might need to cut him back a bit...I get the fear when I have to chop bits off, like I'm going to kill the little things, but so far so good. 

I also recently beheaded {eep} one of my massive echeverias and then decided to pull all of the leaves off to try and grow new little plantlings - the bare stem even has what appears to be four little baby plants beginning to grow off of it - so I'll have to get a picture of that when they get a little bigger!

Don't forget - if you like the look of these little planters I'm posting, you can now pre-order your own little succulent kit which includes everything you'll need to get going, at a special introductory price from my Etsy shop here!


5 {simple} things

Hello all,

Happy Monday to you! I hope you all had a really lovely weekend - I sadly worked all weekend, but I have Tuesday off, and it's set to be an exciting day indeed {so I'm sure it'll make up for a weekend of work!}. From Tuesday we will be doggy sitting two little canine pals - Titch & Benji - so expect some dogs based simple things next week {hopefully the dogs will stay still long enough for a good picture!!}.

Last week, as always I tried to look for those little things that made my week, so without further ado - here are last weeks five simple things:
1//. this amazing ice-cream constructed by the very lovely Katrina because it was naughty - but had fresh raspberries & blueberries inside!
2//. these scrambled eggs for starting Sunday off the right way!
3//. this little chap for continuing to blossom.
4//. this zine & accompanying envelope from Paul aka Alpha Wham which I won {yippee}. thanks Paul :)
5//.  & this little greedy bottom for knocking his food tin over whilst I wasn't looking & climbing in...he makes me laugh!
I hope you all had at least 5 little things that made you smile last week. So much happens every day its so easy to let it all pass you by as the days merge and you finish each week in much the same place you started. It's good to capture those fleeting moments that allow you to appreciate the small things.

Until tomorrow,


Hello all,

Happy Wednesday to you and apologies for the lack of post yesterday - I had the busiest day off ever, it was pretty manic but I managed to conquer a rather mighty to do list - so well done me!

Anyway, it's a rather exciting day today - as you can now pre-order my new hand illustrated succulent kits from my Etsy shop! I have a few up for pre-order at the special introductory price of £28, they'll be  £34 once they're fully up and running so grab one now before they go!

Each kit comes with everything you need to plant up and care for your own little succulent, including a sweet little care leaflet.

They make an awesome gift {or treat for yourself} as they are super easy to care for by even the least green fingered of individuals AND they look very pretty on a desk or sunny windowsill!

You can get your hands on one here.

Let me know what you think won't you! :)

**p.s. If you'd like to see more - Harriet got a sneaky preview of my soon to come larger succulent kit & has done a blog post with a lovely snap of it here!**

{allotment} update tiiiiime...

Hello all,

A little eeny weeny allotment update for you all today - and a bit of allotment based sad news.

Bad news:

 {always good to get the bad out the way first eh?} Our beautiful carrots {see below, basking in their own carroty glory} were snaffled


so much so that they disappeared without a trace , by naughty rabbits. Sad times indeed - I feel like I can, for the first time in my life empathise with mean old Mr McGregor from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Those little carrots were our pride and joy. boo. Anyway, life goes on - you win some you lose some!

Good news:

There is a whoooole host of other exciting plant based goodness just getting started. I've planted up seeds left right and centre...as you can see below, so I thought I's hare a little growing/propagating progress...we have: garlic; onions; butternut squash; artichokes; cucumber & the baby basil I've been continuing to nurture!

Are you getting into the gardening swing of things yet?

Also - do you have any top tips to share, I'd love to hear them...we've still got a


 to learn!

Tomorrow I shall hopefully have a little {DIY} to share with you - a nice easy {but super awesome} one to get you in the summer holiday spirit -



{new} to ONR | sneaky peeky |

Hello all,

I thought I'd share with you today a little project that I have been working on - it's a new product that I will soon be bringing to my little Etsy shop, just in time for summer {I hope}.

As you are I'm sure well aware, I have a bit of an addiction to succulents {there are worse things to be addicted to right?!}. Well I thought what better way to spread the love and bring a little bit of summer into all of your homes than to offer little terrarium/planter kits in my shop! They are the easiest plants to look after, and they're super forgiving if you forget to water them sometimes {oops} - so they make the perfect addition to even the most un-green fingered individual. Plus they come with all of the advice you need to keep them thriving! simples.
Each one will come with everything you need to get started with your own little succulent garden:

*//. hand illustrated cup planter
*//. proper cacti & succulent soil
*//. fine gravel
*//. the all important succulent or cacti
*//. a little care sheet
You'll then have the option for a few pounds extra to purchase a little terrarium toolkit which will give you everything you need to keep them happy going forward!

*//. plastic spray bottle {for just the right amount of weekly water}
*//. soft bristled paint brush {for dusting soil out of the leaves}
*//. round ended tweezers {for getting rid of dead leaves but not hurting the pretties}
*//. long handled metal spoon {to move soil into hard to reach places around your plant}
*//. a little handmade canvas bag to keep it all in!

There will also be the option to opt for bigger planters with a few more plants for the adventurous ones amongst you!

I'd really love to know what you think...all comments, suggestions, questions welcome :)