new year. new pals: CamBlogMeet!

Hello all!

Apologies for the silence this week - I've had a week of scary mary interviews and so my mind has very much been a little per-occupied!

Alas though - yesterday I got my hands on my GORGEOUS new baby, the baby whose keyboard on which I type! I bought a new retina display MacBook Pro...and I think I'm in love!

Anyway, enough of that - onto the exciting part of this post - the CamBlogMeet! So, as you probably already know, probably definitely, myself, Claire, Harriet & Stacie organised a little creative meet up in Cambridge - hoorah! Well, last Saturday the day was upon us, and Harriet, Laura and I got the train up to Cambridge...

We started with a yummy little lunch accompanied by smoothies and the odd cocktail at TaBouche, which was super awesome. Claire had pulled together some awesome goodie bags which us little organisers added our own little additions for everyone too! After lunch we headed into the centre of town for a lovely sunny touristy walk!

You can see right there...amazeballs cattoos from Harriet, a little 'hello friend' card by moi, awesome stickers from Stacie, a sweet little postcard from the lovely Emma Block :) a cute little ring by Claire, as well as sweet smelling soap courtesy of Lush, Tea from Teapigs, wash tape from and a little bag of goodies from the ladies at Crafty Creatives! Thank you all for so many sweet gifts!
Photo courtesy of the lovely Harriet Gray!
Those last three were courtesy of the ace Claire! :)
The rest of the photos were taken by yours truly! Isn't Cambridge beautiful eh? I got city envy!
Thanks to Tyrrells for our free crispies! :)
It was ace to finally meet Stacie and Claire and Kelly {I'd already meet my bezzies Laura and Harriet}, as well as meet the lovely Emma Block and Emma Carlisle. Not only did I meet these ladies, but lots of new creative pals too!

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies that attended, it was amazing to meet so many lovely like-minded people! 

I super look forward to the next meet, wherever that may be!

Have a lovely weekend team!

{DIY}....oops - so things don't always go to plan!

Hello all,

So today is an interesting one...I got all excited about doing a cute little DIY for Jack, as a little present before I left for America. He's always wanting something to go on his key so I thought I'd make him an "Adventure Time" keyring, of Finn {it's a animated series he loves!}.

I had it all planned out and ready, I'd started it and got up super early to finish it this morning - then I ruined it. It was such a fail, but I thought, you know what I'll share it anyway, as we all make mistakes and it gives you an idea of how to make a little cheeky keyring and how definitely not to make one!

To make a cute little solid plastic keyring properly here's what you will need:

//. shrinky dink plastic sheet
//. scissors / craft knife
//. pen / pencil
//. coloured pencils or acrylic paints 
//. oven! {preheat to 150C}
//. varnish / mod podge 
Just four easy little steps:

1//. Draw your design nice and big onto your shrinky dink plastic - it shrinks A LOT so make it bigger than you might think.

2//. Paint your design {now this is where I failed miserably!} using acrylic paints not watercolours like for some unknown reason I chose to do!

3//. Cut it out - making sure you cut out a big loop at the top - to attach the keyring to!

4//. Pop it in the oven on a piece of baking paper on a tray for about 30 seconds {until it curls up and then uncurls and lays flat}. 

Remove from oven, pop on your keyring and you are DONE...easy peasy!
Here is little Finn {take one - I shall be re-making him tonight!}


{DIY} neon ♥ iPhone case

Hello all, happy Friday!
It's that time of week again, I'm sharing a little {DIY} for you guys to have a go at over the weekend - yay {I hope}!

I love changing up the cases on my beloved iPhone, my baby in fact. So I thought I'd have a crack a revamping a cheap one into something a little more unique!

All you need is a rigid plastic iphone case in any colour really - I bought mine for £2 in Primark {bargain!}.

This DIY is totally customisable in a million ways depending on what you like! Plus it takes no time at all to do so it's well worth a go...

{here's what you will need}
//. a hard plastic iPhone case
//. a piece of paper/card
//. scissors
//. a pencil and paintbrush
//. paint 
//. mod podge {wonderful stuff} 
//. PVA/varnish
1//. Easy - just take your paper and neatly trace exactly around your iphone case {back against the paper}. Make sure you also trace neatly around the camera hole. Cut it out.
 2//. Take your Mod Podge or adhesive and apply a thin even coat to the entire back of the case. Then carefully take your paper back and apply it very carefully onto the case - making sure you particularly line up the camera hole. 

3//. Smooth out any creases/bubbles gently with a credit card or something similar! If the paper is a little see-through then you can always coat it with a layer of white paint {I did this!}.

4//. Draw your design onto the paper you have left - you can trace the case again if you like to make sure your design will fit, and paint your design {the neon heart in my case}.

5//. As soon as your design is dry you can cut around it and apply another thin layer of adhesive to your now white case. Then place your design onto the case and again smooth it down. 
6//. Then take your adhesive and carefully start to brush it over your design to seal it in.
7//. Coat your entire design with adhesive and leave to dry.

8//. TA DA! you're totally done - snap it onto your phone and bask in the glory of your newly customised super cool iPhone case. yay.
If you do have a little go at this yourself then please do share you creations with me {@ohnorachio}


p.s. apologies - can you tell I love neon pink hearts and hand written typography? oops.

{happy friday} I spy...

Hello you!

Just a little update and a sneak peek at things to come...look whose ceramics are on display at the lovely Nook & Cranny shop in Liverpool!

Yes that's right, they're my ceramics and moleskines - yay!

The lovely Leigh at Nook & Cranny has curated my bits and bobs amongst the other delights in their shop - I only wish I could pop up and see them in person!

Here's some more delights on offer...

what a lovely little shop eh?


{happy friday!} thought for the weekend...

{image} besotted brand - a pretty ace blog actually!

I saw this lovely quote and I just thought you know what, that's a really beautiful and profound statement. Today, instead of a blog post on a particular topic I'm just going to share this. It's nice to just think about it for a while, such a simple and actually, obvious statement but one I think everyone should try to live by. Steve Jobs is a MASSIVE inspiration to me, as I'm sure he is to millions the world over. He was awe inspiring. I'm just starting to read his biography actually - I highly recommend it. It genuinely makes you think, as he wanted, different.

Anyway, I didn't want to cloud the above statement with a tonne of my own ramblings so I'll leave it at that. Have a fantastic weekend all - let's hope this sun sticks around!