{new} to the shop

Hello all!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter {@ohnorachio} - having been rather sicky yesterday, I can report I'm back on form today, so thank you for your concern and healthy vibes!

Right, today I'm excited to finally share with you a little item that I was working on as a top secret project for one of my closest friends...

This item has a lovely back story so I wanted to share it with you!

Since November my gorgeous friend Jules has been counting down the days until her husband Steven comes home {and now its less than two weeks - YAY!}. He's out in Qatar on tour with the RAF and I know that she has been missing him like mad - so when he contacted me just before Valentine's day with a secret commission request I couldn't have been happier to help!

He wanted to make Valentine's day special despite the fact that he's a million miles away - so he asked if I could make something little for her that meant something. He gave me the phrase "I love you to the moon and back" because it's a saying they have always shared and this is what I came up with.

I personally delivered it to Jules the day after Valentines Day and I'm pleased to report that she absolutely loved it! So Steven - I hope you do too!

If you're a fan - you can purchase your own one here!
Back tomorrow with some more news :)


{new} mini cards!

Hello all,

Today I give you a little update to my Etsy shop! The ever wonderful Leigh of Nook & Cranny was kind enough to send me supplies for the teeny tiny cards and accompanying envelopes you see below - I must say, I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for cute little things {and stationery - this definitely plays to both those loves!}...

I wanted to put together a little pack of cards that you could keep in the drawer and have one for every occasion!

I'd love to know what occasions you find yourself often needing a card for - I intend to develop and change the set according to what people want most - as always your suggestions are most welcome!

Here is what I have on offer so far:
*available as singles or as a pack of 3
I really hope you like these new additions - they are literally 3x3 inches - eeny weeny...
Let me know what you'd like to see on these mini beauties and I'll get making!


p.s. you can get your hands on these babies here!