10 {simple} things

Hello all!

Happy Monday to you! Today is my first day back at work after the poorly back saga - so wish me luck!!

I hope you all enjoyed that stonker of a weekend we just had AND what about Andy Murray winning the tennis eh? That was an awesome match, what a good lad!

Anyway, last week was pretty awesome, the osteopath gave me a good cracking which seemed to really help and I managed to get out the house a little more :)

Here's the TEN top things that made last week particularly ace!
1//. this awesome lunch of salad {homegrown lettuce} & healthy turkey burgers for hitting the spot on a hot day!
2//. these amazing goodies I ordered that arrived from the WONDEROUS Isobel Kho! I have not put my ET bag down since I received it!
3//. these summery nails, because I just couldn't decide on one colour!
4//. this passionfruit Rekorderlig which I added frozen berries to for being the best summer refresher.
5//. these absolutely breathtakingly beautiful {the photo doesn't do them justice at all} embroidered table cloths, made by my lovely Grandma before she was married, so pre 1950!! The stitching is so intricate and the colours are SO beautiful, her giving these to me made my YEAR!
6//. this breakfast that Jack made me, because I can always go for pancakes.
7//. this beautiful tree outside my house for inspiring some new patterns!
8//. this little flaming katy that Harriet sent me - another little plant baby for me to smother!
9//. this little outfit that got several nice comments - made by my awesome necklace by Charlotte Mei & pug brooch from the Craft Party goodie bag by the awesomesauce Zoe of Ladybird Likes!
10//. these awesssssome icecreams we got from 'Sprinkles' gelato in Portswood for being a cooling treat after walking around Southampton University with my sister & her pal {felt so strange to be back there after so many years!}.
Hopefully you had a similarly good week? If not, hey ho - here's to the week ahead!


5 {simple} things

Hello all,

Happy Monday again! I hope you all had a good week? Here's the things that made last week ace. 

Apologies for the fairly poor photography this week - there were a distinct lack of white backgrounds out & about!
1//. this awesome cone of raspberry pavlova & coconut gelato with sprinkles {excuse the post allotment nail polish!} for starting the week off right!
2//. these & several other parcels of goodies for arriving throughout the week & filling me with child-like glee!
3//. this little beauty for doing so well after its 'beheading' - no less than 7 new baby plants have grown from the stump!
4//. these lovely new allotment additions for being grown by people with mental health problems & learning disabilities which in turn raises much needed money & awareness for the charity 'mind'.
5//. THIS awesome homemade Sunday breakfast for reminding me just how good having a rare weekend off work can be!
All in all a great week - other than suffering from hideous back pain {helped by copious amounts of Ibuprofen!}.

As always, here's to another good week & lots of opportunities to enjoy the small stuff!


p.s. here's a bonus simple thing that made me chuckle:
benji enjoying his car ride home last week!

5 {simple} things

Hello all,

HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY!! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that today proves similarly lovely! I'm lucky enough to have today off despite being at work all weekend - so I shall be off to the allotment and hopefully also another little trip to ikea for a new set of shelves to replace our decrepit 'Billy.

We'll also hopefully going for a nice long walk with our two foster canine pals that we've got for the next two weeks {they've really settled in actually, which is lovely!}.

Anyway - I must say, last week was really rather good - in all aspects, despite working, so here are my five favourite little things that contributed to my wonderful week!
1//. these absolutely gorgeous magnets by the super talented you know who...
2//. these many many new succulent babies for giving me the succulent fix I feel myself craving more & more {that's it now Rachel, no more!!}
3//. and a little charity shop find pot that I covered in copper dots {DIY to come}

4//. this epic halloumi burger that Jack & I had on Sunday for being the perfect summer evening noms.
5//. these little washi tapes in combination for making my orders seem nice and summery!
Did you have a good week team? Anything particularly awesome happen that made you chuckle?

Here's to another cracking week next week!

5 {simple} things

Hello all & HAPPY happy Friday!

I hope you've all had a lovely week, despite the very strange weather we've been having over here in the UK! 

I thought I'd share a new little feature with you all today, '5 {simple} things' that made my week! Sometimes we all, we I know I do, over complicate things and it only makes life stressful - so in the spirit of keeping things simple and being thankful for the little things...here's my new feature.
1//. these boots for helping not killing my feet on their first outing...to an interview!
2//. this felt from Lupin for being such cheery colours!
3//. this order that arrived from the wonderful Leigh..shop here.
4//. this banana cake - because Jack made it & it tasted heavenly.
5//. these beautiful new cards that arrived for my Etsy orders..shop here.
What simple things made your week?
Have an ace weekend - I shall be working tomorrow but digging at the allotment Sunday - hoorah!


p.s I have one of these little ex shop display hand illustrated plates left if someone would like it?
£12.50 {50% off} - tweet me @ohnorachio if you would like him!
original Etsy listing here.