5 {simple} things

Hello all,

Happy Monday again! I hope you all had a good week? Here's the things that made last week ace. 

Apologies for the fairly poor photography this week - there were a distinct lack of white backgrounds out & about!
1//. this awesome cone of raspberry pavlova & coconut gelato with sprinkles {excuse the post allotment nail polish!} for starting the week off right!
2//. these & several other parcels of goodies for arriving throughout the week & filling me with child-like glee!
3//. this little beauty for doing so well after its 'beheading' - no less than 7 new baby plants have grown from the stump!
4//. these lovely new allotment additions for being grown by people with mental health problems & learning disabilities which in turn raises much needed money & awareness for the charity 'mind'.
5//. THIS awesome homemade Sunday breakfast for reminding me just how good having a rare weekend off work can be!
All in all a great week - other than suffering from hideous back pain {helped by copious amounts of Ibuprofen!}.

As always, here's to another good week & lots of opportunities to enjoy the small stuff!


p.s. here's a bonus simple thing that made me chuckle:
benji enjoying his car ride home last week!

{hello} winchester

Hello all!

Happy Monday! Jack & I headed into Winchester on Friday for a little jaunt around the pretty town and to have a nice pre-birthday lunch {it was Jack's birthday on Sunday!}.

We actually popped in to lots of nice shops, including my all time fave for home inspiration - The Hambledon - which, I must say didn't disappoint! If you don't live near Winchester, they have an awesome website and online shop now so you can have a little peek at that here!

After having a little wander round the shops we stopped at Jamie Oliver's restaurant - Union Jacks. It's really good, I happened to stumble upon it with a friend on its opening day, and Jack was most jealous  - so I thought it only fair to take him for a little pre-birthday lunch!

Please excuse the pictures....I apparently can't handle manual focus in low light!! {BOO}

Hope you had an ace weekend too!

p.s I also had a custom order from a lovely lady of 40 illustrated notebooks! Hoorah! :)


{new pals!} //.1

Hello all!

Happy Wednesday - I hope you're all proud of me for actually keeping up with daily posts this week! I'm pretty pumped to have been to the gym everyday and got posts done....#PROductive!

Anyways, today I thought I'd finally share with you all a little insight into the rather successful first blogger meet for 2013!!
Laura, {me}, Rosie & Harriet
On the 9th I met three lovely ladies {lots about each of them below!} for lunch at the gorgeous White Star restaurant on Oxford Street in Southampton. We arrived at 1pm...had lunch and a cheeky lunchtime Mojito each and then ended up chatting until gone 5pm! The staff at White Star were really lovely and made sure we were very well looked after! I definitely recommend it to anyone in the area - for the archaeology geek like me it also has a really lovely history too!

my dessert had a happy little face!
So during lunch we talked about all sorts - from setting yourself up as full-time self employed, to registering your business, to setting up an Etsy shop, blogging, our lovely boys, travelling, wedding planning - all sorts! It was lovely!

Here's a little bit about each lovely lady! 

Harriet sells a TONNE of awesome stuff in her Etsy shop here!
Harriet is an awesome freelance illustrator and all round lovely pal! You can find lots of her work on her website here, and all sorts of ace updates on her blog here {p.s. she has a super cool giveaway running at the mo!} AND you can also follow her on Twitter here!! wowza.

p.s. I borrowed these images from the wonderful Stacie Swift as she did a lovely little feature on Harriet last month which you can read amongst other wonderful posts on her blog here

Lovely Laura has a wonderful blog filled with all sorts of DIY projects and lots of nail art tutorials too - she is an utter gem, and has even begun to organise our next crafty meet up in her mother-in-laws awesome little workshop...we were thinking {DIY} terrariums??

Anyway - you can find Laura's inspirational offerings here AND follow her on Twitter here!!

How cool are these gorgeous notebooks??

Rosie is a freelance graphic and surface designer - she, as you can see makes some awesomely colourful patterns which she has printed onto cards, fabric, notebooks and lots of other ace things. You can actually find her lovely items here & here, as well as read her little blog here AND like the rest of us, follow on Twitter here!

All in all an awesome day! I can't wait to see these lovely little ladies again!

{nom} a weekend treat!

Hello all,

I do so hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend? I was working ALL weekend so I must say it wasn't as crafty a weekend as I'd love to have had!

Ask yourself this - why do people {in the UK anyway} only eat pancakes one day a year? 

'Pancake Day' is a super exciting day, and don't get me wrong I'm not trying to make it into just another day...but, pancakes are too good to ration like that!

So, in my house we've embraced a new tradition - 'Pancake Sundays'. I look forward to it throughout the week and each Sunday we try to have something new with our classic pancakes...so on this chilly Monday - I propose to you - ditch the porridge and knock up a cheeky stack of pancakes.

That is all.
Happy Monday :)


p.s. those pancakes up there made my Sunday!

{Revolver} for the love of coffee...

Hello all,

I'm no coffee connoisseur - hey, I actually don't even drink coffee {teachers coffee breath memories make me shudder} but I was recently taken to a super ace coffee house in Gastown, Vancouver by the lovely Ben and forced {well not exactly forced but strongly encouraged} to try a cup of the strong stuff...

Revolver is in the super young trendy district of Vancouver that I fell in love with, Gastown - it's a family run fine coffee house (/laboratory!). The place where all the cool kids hang out to get a real cup of coffee sourced and made with true passion. I was introduced to the lovely George and John - two of the four bros that run the shop. Turns out coffee making is more of a science than an art - they have lots of glass beakers and scales and all sorts!
Well, Ben took me and ordered me a weeny macchiato - because he said, it was nice and milky and not as bitter as a full on espresso - and I must say I really liked it. So much so that as we sat chatting we made our way through 3 each - and then I spent the next few hours with the shakes {like a total rookie}, my body is so not used to caffeine! 

I do however, already love a good cup of green tea, and much to my delight the owners love a good green tea leaf almost as much as they love a good coffee bean - so I also dabbled in a pot of green tea. Needless to say it was also a delight!
Not only do they make an outstanding beverage, the boys at Revolver are wonderfully welcoming and relaxed and they style a mean interior - they have the coolest 'bar' and a map of the world stretching a whole wall - made of nails, with the areas where coffee beans grow highlighted with gold nails {LOVED that!}.

If you're ever in Vancouver - DEFINITELY pop in, say hi, and grab the best coffee you'll ever drink.

p.s. they totally have an awesome little selection of freshly baked cakes and cookies too.

p.p.s. Thank you to the lovely George for supplying these ace images of the place!

{be brave}

Hello all,

I was lucky enough to have two days off from work together last week {I don't have weekends off} so I thought I'd finish a project I intended to complete literally months and months ago! I bought the most gorgeous fine porcelain two-tiered cake stand with the idea that I'd decorate it in some way or another...and then I did that annoying thing that I do with all new notebooks and sketchbooks that I buy...decided that I don't want to write in it just yet as I might be having an artistic 'off-day' and ruin it. 

I therefore shelved it, with all my lovely paper goods...until now! I plucked up the courage to just go for it and embrace my love of dots {I'd originally intended to do one of my leafy patterns on it} and I'm actually rather pleased with the results! Have a look for yourself at the finished cake stand...
I do hope this might might inspire you to be brave and finish all of those projects you put aside for fear of making a mistake - I'm going to be working my way through mine in the coming weeks, maybe I'll share some more with you all!


{Etsy} holidays are coming...

Hello all,

I'm a perpetual list writer, I love the satisfaction of ticking off those tasks...however when it comes to being super organised and getting in there early with holiday prep for my Etsy shop - I'm actually pretty rubbish!

I never seem to get holiday items into my shop with lots of time to spare meaning I catch those last minute shoppers {ahem, maybe me} but most definitely miss the organised christmas shoppers among us...so this year I am determined to get on it early!

Also, I'm one of those scrooges that winges when the shops whack out the decorations in September - now though, I'm seeing method in the madness...

So without further ado...here is my first christmas offering, available to purchase here
I hope you like it :)
Lots more to follow in the coming days hopefully!


{nom} Meat & Bread

Hello all,

Last night I was thinking about all the awesome places I ate in Vancouver {there are so many it's unreal!} and I thought I ought to share with you one of my faves. If you ever happen to find yourself in Vancouver - then you need to check out this amazing sandwich shop...Meat & Bread. I'm an absolute sucker for good design and cool packaging and this place had me at hello...

Each day they have a couple of special sandwiches as well as their classics...unfortunately on the day I went the Porchetta sandwich which is apparently the best was sold out {should have had an early rather than late lunch}. Instead Ben, Saaed and I shared the lamb shoulder and meatball sandwiches and oh my they were amazing! {thanks Saeed!}. I certainly didn't feel like I was missing out not getting the Porchetta. They make them and pop them onto a rustic wooden board with a dollop of this AMAZING mustard which they also make and sell {yes it has super cool packaging!} - wish I'd bought some now! 
It's got the coolest decor and a really relaxed atmosphere - I really like that there's pretty much just one long table where everyone pulls up a chair and gets comfy together. It was a pretty hipster place - but I totes love a bit of that!
You can check out their daily menu here.
I'll be begrudgingly tucking into a fairly average homemade sandwich at lunch today..longing to be back at M&B!
Anyway I would highly recommend it for a light lunch if you happen to be in the area.

Have a lovely Tuesday!