{cute overload} meet Edgar...

Hello all,

Let me introduce to you, officially the World's best dog...this is Edgar {cool name eh?} and he's the absolute man! Manny and I had the pleasure of spending a whole day with this little guy yesterday {thanks Ben!} and let me tell you - he's super cool!

I thought I'd share some of the many {too many?} photos I snapped of him yesterday with you all!
Clearly enjoying the car ride on my lap...
We took the little dude to Ambleside Park {it's really more of a beach!?} and he totes loved it...you'd think being a Pom that he'd want to be carried rather than walked - nope, he was just happy to trot along next to us for a nice long walk. Honestly, I'm defo going to try to convince Jack {hey Jack!} to let us have one!

Actually though, even if you don't have a dog, but happen to be in Vancouver - I would definitely recommend taking a cheeky trip over the Ambleside Park, it was really beautiful and the sunset was amazing and there were so many cute dogs {I totally got dog envy!}.

So yes, that was my day - I've got a new found love of Pomeranians, so if anyone fancies sharing some heart meltingly cute pictures with me, please feel free to go right ahead!


{hello} Dallas friends...

Hey y'all


The best part of being in Dallas was the 200 amazing people I got to spend two weeks with! I think next year a road trip round the US is in order...I'm not quite sure how I'll survive without my new fave Americans in my life!

So on our last night in Dallas we were provided with a super ace photobooth and left to our own devices...here's some snaps of the wicked cool kids I got to spend the last two weeks with.

I do hope that England is still rather wonderful? I hear the weather has been pretty alright over the last couple of days..

Love to you all!



{new} mini cards!

Hello all,

Today I give you a little update to my Etsy shop! The ever wonderful Leigh of Nook & Cranny was kind enough to send me supplies for the teeny tiny cards and accompanying envelopes you see below - I must say, I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for cute little things {and stationery - this definitely plays to both those loves!}...

I wanted to put together a little pack of cards that you could keep in the drawer and have one for every occasion!

I'd love to know what occasions you find yourself often needing a card for - I intend to develop and change the set according to what people want most - as always your suggestions are most welcome!

Here is what I have on offer so far:
*available as singles or as a pack of 3
I really hope you like these new additions - they are literally 3x3 inches - eeny weeny...
Let me know what you'd like to see on these mini beauties and I'll get making!


p.s. you can get your hands on these babies here!

{hello} Nook & Cranny!

Hello all,

A little update for you today on my presence at the wonderful Nook & Cranny, right in the heart of lovely Liverpool. I've been working with the fabulous people of Nook & Cranny for a good few months now and I must say they are a rather lovely lot!

Nook & Cranny stock a huge variety of lovely products from a whole host of independent British artists. They sell cards, homeware, gifts, stationery, and lots and lots of lovely prints. I can in fact say that lots of my goodies are available from Nook & Cranny, here is a few little snaps of my products in action {photos taken by the wonderful Leigh}.

If you happen to be in Liverpool {the shop is part of the Bluecoat Gallery} you should totes pop in and say hi to the lovely ladies you will find and I challenge you to not be persuaded to part with some precious pennies!
This happy little chappy is one of my creations...I actually made him for myself but Leigh fell in love, so I made a little batch for her to sell - currently exclusively available at Nook & Cranny, but soon to be available from my own little Etsy shop!
Here we have, once again my cheerful chap amongst a lovely big display of all of my hand illustrated ceramics. 
This little dinosaur looks pretty interested in my little notes moleskine journal!
Above are my tiny deer and lion prints also available...all of the items you've seen are also available here should you wish to treat yourself - or a friend perhaps!

I hope you love this wonderful little shop as much as I do!

p.s. you can follow Nook & Cranny on Twitter @NookandCrannyL1

{and if you don't follow me on Twitter, you can do that too! @ohnorachio}

{hello} introvert re-charging...

Hello all, just a little one today...

No not me, as I'm sure is rather blindingly obvious - I'm no introvert, however I do have a wonderful close friend who is. He lives with his friend who, like me is pretty extroverted and therefore loves to be around people all of the time {I don't ever seem to find I want alone time, weird eh?}. My pal, however   loves  a good bit of time alone to collect his thoughts. He's quite the deep thinker! 

So, he wanted me to make him a cute little door sign that could help tell people when he was happy for them to just bound on into his room, and when he actually just needs his own space.

Here's what we came up with and I'm very pleased to announce that he LOVED it. 

I hope you like it! 


{IT'S COMPETITION TIME!} can you tell I'm excited?

Hello all...

The day is upon us, I'm super excited, it's time for my very first blog competition....drum roll please!

With summer now fully upon us, I thought I'd put together a little prize pack perfect for a little bit of summer travel...

The competition is super easy to enter and open to international applicants as well as 'Team GB' :)

So without further ado -

Here's what you could win:

The prize consists of a handmade envelope pouch {see here} great for keeping your passport and tickets safe inside your hand luggage. A little book of BIG ideas, perfect for jotting down all of your thoughts whilst on holiday as well as an 'oh hello' card, so that you can write a lovely letter to a friend back home and send it like a postcard!

{how to enter} :

//. Step 1: Retweet or Repost this competition via Twitter/Facebook or your blog.
            *Example* "Check out and why not enter this cheeky little competition by @ohnorachio http://goo.gl/ANzdE"
//. Step 2: Follow @ohnorachio on Twitter and 'like' the Facebook.com/ohnorachio page 

{rules} : 

1. Competition runs from Monday 30th July to Sunday 12th August.
2. You can gain more than one entry by entering via Facebook, comments here, your own blog and Twitter.
3. Each tweet, Facebook share, blog post and comment here counts as one entry - only one entry per person per network will count - so you have a chance at gaining 4 entries.
4. The winner will be picked at random - I might even let Twix do the honours!

The winner will be announced on Monday 13th August via here {and good old Twitter and Faceyb too! yay}.


**{UPDATE}**  : This competition has now ended, the winner was Louise Wright.
Please keep checking back as there will be another giveaway very soon!


{monday monday} a sneaky peaky...

Hello all,

Hope everyone's weekend was lovely - the weather certainly helped with that I'm sure - let's hope this continues now until October eh?

Just a little post today to keep you all updating on what's going down in the shop and what's coming up in the coming weeks...

It would seem that I am by no means alone out in this big old World in my love for stationery. My 'Big Book of Ideas' has been selling very well and I've had a lot of interest lately in all of my notebooks, so I've decided to concentrate on filling the shop with a few more very pretty, hand illustrated notebooks. Summer is the time to plan, travel and get things done and what better way to keep your thoughts coherent than in a lovely little (or big) book!

Here is the first addition, some of you may have already seen it but for those that haven't...ta da!

I absolutely love this little beauty as it appeals to my love of Kraft paper (its front cover) but has a myriad of rainbow coloured pages within that you can doodle on, write lists on, or just flick through and admire - whatever takes your fancy!

Here, is my hoard of different supplies I came back with on a recent trip into London, my fave is by far the enormous rainbow journal - it's square {swoon} and has even more different rainbow colours than the mini one {yay}.

So, keep an eye out on Twitter {@ohnorachio} and Facebook {I have a page you can 'Like'} for more details on things to come...

oh and one more thing...I have a competition coming up...more news on this later! {eek!}


{nom}...Five a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

This is what I've been snacking on for the last week...isn't it all pretty? There's nothing better than healthy, wholesome, homemade food to mend a poorly body right?

I've always been a massive lover of good food and I'm lucky enough to have a gorgeous boy who shares my passion for all things tasty. Since I've been at home fixing my knees I've had lots of time to enjoy eating my five a day! My current faves are a good Braeburn apple (they are so ace right now) and passion fruit (always a winner in my books!). 

All of that fruit has had a real positive effect, I'm sure it's helping my knees get better but I've got a tonne of energy (even though I've got to have my legs up almost all day), I'm getting loads done. I've taught myself a bit of adobe illustrator as you can see above - I'm pretty pleased with the outcome if I do say so myself! Also, I think when you're filling your body with nutritious, colourful, fresh things it's really good for you mind too - and I need all the positive vibes I can get!

So the morale of todays story is...try try try to get your five a day because I promise you you'll feel great and you're body will totally thank you for it!


Hello Poorly Knees!

So...apologies for being absent from the wee website of late. Turns out those naughty dislocatey knees I've had since I was 11 really were a bit of a problem! I've just had a double knee op - which actually wasn't all that bad in itself, despite me being TERRIFIED of needles and dreading the insertion of a cannula into my arm! Anyway - I survived it, but now I'm pretty hobbly and getting used to not being able to bend. I feel like an old lady and I'm using crutches - it sure does get a lot of sympathetic smiles from strangers though!

Essentially what this op means - from a positive outlook is that I have 6 weeks of recovery to do all manner of (albeit rather gentle) projects!

To kick things off my rather lovely boy has helped me completely redesign and simplify my website (ta da!)- I'd love to know your thoughts. For the coming weeks though...

Here are my plans so far:

//. Try to blog daily - and get some themes going.
//. Read a book a week - any suggestions for must reads?
//. Develop some new packaging for ONR products
//. Design and order a new custom stamp
//. List the new summer range over on Etsy
//. Teach myself more Photoshop/Illustrator skills
//. Have some of my illustrations framed and get them wall mounted finally!

I'm sure the list will grow, 6 weeks is a long time. No doubt I'll have a lot of time to self reflect too, I'm pretty lucky to have this amount of time to work on becoming all zen.

Anyway..to kick things off again, here are some photos from the last week or so of me being a bit doddery! 

I got myself a new buddy to keep me company :)
Any name suggestions? (she's a girl).