a weekend in pictures.

Hello all,

This weekend I was lucky enough to be off work - it was a super ace little surprise actually as I hadn't booked it off or anything! Well, I had a huge amount of things to do, including cleaning the apartment - which looked like an unaccomplishable task - but I did it!

I thought I'd share with you some little snippets of my Saturday & Sunday :)

I had fun with toy dinosaurs; got hand cramp illustrating a large custom order; added some more detail to my bird illustration; bought some sweet little heart stickers for my packaging; played with my new retina display MacBook baby; got the little potato tubers out to start growing and added some washi details to some orders I had to post!

On Sunday I journeyed up to London to meet my lovely pal Bing and her awesome friend from Chicago Marie! Here are a few Sunday snaps, needless to say they are pretty much all food!

Fortnum & Mason, the most beautiful department store had so many gorgeous cakes and pastries! Plus the whole store's colour scheme is the same mint green you can see in my logo and up there on my nails {fave}, so I was most pleased!
I hope you all hid similarly lovely weekends!


❤ ♥ {playing cupid} ♥ ❤

Hello all,

What a manic Monday I'm set to have! This weekend was equally busy, what with our one year blog birthday and the little South bloggers meet I organised, as well as worky work all Sunday and orders galore to make!

I hope you all had a fun, or perhaps nice and relaxing weekend? Later in the week I shall endeavour share some snippets of our blogger lunch...but for now I thought I'd share a little insight into my role...as cupid!
So over the past few weeks my little illustrated Valentines cards have proved rather popular all over the World which is super nice to see - I love to think that my little hand illustrated cards are making people's v-days just that little bit more special...although I did think the other day how sad it is that all these cards will most probably get thrown away :( {Jack said to think of them as 'temporary art' - which made me feel a little better!}.

Anyway, I offer to write the customer's 'beau's' name on the envelope, which a lot of people like me to do, however this year - I've had numerous requests for me to write the whole card and sign it anonymously and then post it directly to the recipient!! This makes me feel like a real life cupid, but I did also think that with no name to the cards, but my sticker on the back - there may be a few men {and women} out there thinking the cards are from me?! Either way, it's nice to think that I'm helping to add that little bit of mystery and fun to the big day of love!

If you'd like a little card for your Valentine  - today is the last day to order!

Happy Monday!

there's no business like snow business...

Hello all!

What a snowy weekend we've had here in the UK...so much snow the whole country it seemed ground to a halt?! 

So much snow that I trekked to the post office with a bag full of orders only to find it was closed due to 'extreme weather conditions'. I found the happy little chappy above in the park near my house - I wish he could stay there forever. Although he was a little bit 'Jack' from Nightmare before Christmas...

Ok, so we had a dusting of snow - far less than you lovely Canadians experience every year, and certainly nothing like that of good old Finland. It was very pretty though - very pretty to admire from inside a warm flat snuggled in a blanket armed with a cup of tea and a toasted cinnamon bagel!
Like I said, I was brave enough to venture out - choosing what on reflection resembled a grey car costume - and my faithful toasty warm Ugg boots....SUCH A FAIL! Dear god, after the 20 minutes walk through the pretty snow taking lots of gleeful snaps - I discovered that the soles of Uggs are like sponges and my feet were squelching. Not a happy bunny. Below are my pre-squelchy Uggs.
Anyway, I hope everyone managed at least some time playing in the snow...
It's now a horrible grey slippery mess, far less fun.

Today I'm back to business posting orders and finishing my project to share with you all on Friday.



Hello all!

Goodness gracious me what an exciting few days I've had! So - the exciting news turned out to be really rather exciting for little old me and I've seen a nice increase orders - which = yippee + eek! Plus along with orders I've had a lot of inquiries from potential stockists, also hoorah! 

Etsy also chose to feature me on the front page as part of their New Years 'Organisation' advertising. You can browse all of their ace suggestions here. This has given me lots of orders from all over the world! Currently I have orders to ship to Brazil; Sweden; New Zealand; Spain; France; America and of course...a few to good old Blighty! :)

So - as I'm quite literally a one woman band over here you are going to have to bear with me for a little bit...at least until the ordering has calmed down!

However if you'd like to see what all of the fuss is about...check out my little shop here!

But - I also happen to have 10 days off work - which is ace - so it's illustration central over here AND I shall have the luxury of completing lots of those {DIY} projects that have been on my list for a reeeeally long time!

Love you all...
& a MASSIVE thank you for all of your continued support!


{goodness me} last week...

Hello all, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Had you forgotten about me? I've been AWOL this week again - and not even because I've been galavanting around on a lovely holiday! {boo}. I have indeed been working what feels like two full-time jobs. Going to work during the day and then creating and packaging lots of orders at night - and then queueing at the Post Office for my entire lunch break everyday to get everybody's lovely orders out to them in time for Christmas!

So today I thought I'd just check in and say hey and share with you a few snaps of my busy bee week!
My awesome stickers from Moo arrived! {yay for pretty packaging!}
This little man joined the family...
All of these to illustrate in one evening.
All ready to package up!
Finn had a bad hair day...
I went all festive with my nails...
Saturday morning pre 9am this was me..
Oodles of candy canes to pop into my orders {everyone loves a sweet treat!}.
My creation in all of its glory {so proud!} - I now have somewhere to store all of my notebooks!
My rather festive, neat and tidy little desk :)

With any luck - I'll be nice and organised and have some lovely posts for you all throughout the week...

Festive cheer and happy Monday!

{quick} last chance to order in time for Christmas...

Hello all,

A rare post on Saturday from me! Here's just a little bit of information about the last posting dates for orders placed in my little Etsy shop. I am popping it in my shop announcement too - but I thought I'd share with you all over here {and you know I love I good excuse to use illustrator}.

*Please be aware that everything I make is made to order - so please order 48hrs before the postal deadline for your region if possible to give me time to make your order!*