{hello} introvert re-charging...

Hello all, just a little one today...

No not me, as I'm sure is rather blindingly obvious - I'm no introvert, however I do have a wonderful close friend who is. He lives with his friend who, like me is pretty extroverted and therefore loves to be around people all of the time {I don't ever seem to find I want alone time, weird eh?}. My pal, however   loves  a good bit of time alone to collect his thoughts. He's quite the deep thinker! 

So, he wanted me to make him a cute little door sign that could help tell people when he was happy for them to just bound on into his room, and when he actually just needs his own space.

Here's what we came up with and I'm very pleased to announce that he LOVED it. 

I hope you like it! 


{colour ways} Magical Morocco

Inspired by all of the wonderful colours of Marrakech's Souk (market), today's colour ways takes on a very Moroccan Twist. Here is my little short list of what to take//wear//buy in Morocco.
{clockwise from left}
//. Moroccan Oil :
Perfect for taming those over sun exposed and pool crispified ends!

//. Kaftan Dress :
Gorgeous lightweight floaty dress from ASOS, great for the insanely hot weather and pretty modest too {we wore maxi dresses into the city out of respect, but this does cover the shoulders and come the the knee}.

//. Carpe Diem Journal :
I love this 'Seize the Day' Journal. It's made for reflecting and planning your big ideas whilst lounging by the pool.

//. Tagine :
You need to tuck into a traditional meat//fish//veggie tagine if you visit Morocco, slow cooked, heavily spiced and full of fruit - they are super delish!

//. Leather Pouf :
These come in all different colours of died leather. They're hand made and just gorgeous. I didn't get one this time but next time I most definitely will!

//. Spice Cones {via here} :
These are gorgeous bursts of colour all over the Souk - the smell is amazing and the sellers are such characters!

//. YSL Ring :
I've lusted after this ring for what feels like forever! Gold, Silver and Turquoise are everywhere you look in the markets. I didn't see any Yves Saint Laurent rings, but I did have to rein in my desire to buy handfuls of the gorgeous hand made jewellery like a magpie!

Tomorrow I'll be posting a little more about my short break in Africa - it's crazy to think you can now just pop over to Africa for a few days for very few pennies!


Nearly 'Goodbye' Poorly Knees...

It's been 18 days since my naughty knee op, that's just over two weeks and I must say, I'm feeling great!

My consultant surgeon told me I'd be off work for 6 weeks and for the first 3 to 4 I wouldn't like him very much {because of the pain}. 
Actually, I've been super lucky and I've had virtually no pain at all - I've had fun doing some rather ridiculous looking physio exercises - especially the ones I was given this week of putting a resistance elastic thing around my angles and waddling around keeping the bands stretched - I feel like I'm getting buns and quads of steel!

I'm going back to work pretty soon, after 4 weeks not 6 which I'm mega looking forward to - I've missed everyone a tonne and although the weather has been unbelievably ace I promise you, bumming around {aka recovering} is mind-numbingly boring!

I have however had the time to blog more, cook lots of yummy things and plan some new exciting additions to my shop so I can't complain!

{happy friday!} thought for the weekend...

{image} besotted brand - a pretty ace blog actually!

I saw this lovely quote and I just thought you know what, that's a really beautiful and profound statement. Today, instead of a blog post on a particular topic I'm just going to share this. It's nice to just think about it for a while, such a simple and actually, obvious statement but one I think everyone should try to live by. Steve Jobs is a MASSIVE inspiration to me, as I'm sure he is to millions the world over. He was awe inspiring. I'm just starting to read his biography actually - I highly recommend it. It genuinely makes you think, as he wanted, different.

Anyway, I didn't want to cloud the above statement with a tonne of my own ramblings so I'll leave it at that. Have a fantastic weekend all - let's hope this sun sticks around!


{nom}...Five a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

This is what I've been snacking on for the last week...isn't it all pretty? There's nothing better than healthy, wholesome, homemade food to mend a poorly body right?

I've always been a massive lover of good food and I'm lucky enough to have a gorgeous boy who shares my passion for all things tasty. Since I've been at home fixing my knees I've had lots of time to enjoy eating my five a day! My current faves are a good Braeburn apple (they are so ace right now) and passion fruit (always a winner in my books!). 

All of that fruit has had a real positive effect, I'm sure it's helping my knees get better but I've got a tonne of energy (even though I've got to have my legs up almost all day), I'm getting loads done. I've taught myself a bit of adobe illustrator as you can see above - I'm pretty pleased with the outcome if I do say so myself! Also, I think when you're filling your body with nutritious, colourful, fresh things it's really good for you mind too - and I need all the positive vibes I can get!

So the morale of todays story is...try try try to get your five a day because I promise you you'll feel great and you're body will totally thank you for it!


Hello Poorly Knees!

So...apologies for being absent from the wee website of late. Turns out those naughty dislocatey knees I've had since I was 11 really were a bit of a problem! I've just had a double knee op - which actually wasn't all that bad in itself, despite me being TERRIFIED of needles and dreading the insertion of a cannula into my arm! Anyway - I survived it, but now I'm pretty hobbly and getting used to not being able to bend. I feel like an old lady and I'm using crutches - it sure does get a lot of sympathetic smiles from strangers though!

Essentially what this op means - from a positive outlook is that I have 6 weeks of recovery to do all manner of (albeit rather gentle) projects!

To kick things off my rather lovely boy has helped me completely redesign and simplify my website (ta da!)- I'd love to know your thoughts. For the coming weeks though...

Here are my plans so far:

//. Try to blog daily - and get some themes going.
//. Read a book a week - any suggestions for must reads?
//. Develop some new packaging for ONR products
//. Design and order a new custom stamp
//. List the new summer range over on Etsy
//. Teach myself more Photoshop/Illustrator skills
//. Have some of my illustrations framed and get them wall mounted finally!

I'm sure the list will grow, 6 weeks is a long time. No doubt I'll have a lot of time to self reflect too, I'm pretty lucky to have this amount of time to work on becoming all zen.

Anyway..to kick things off again, here are some photos from the last week or so of me being a bit doddery! 

I got myself a new buddy to keep me company :)
Any name suggestions? (she's a girl).