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Hello all,

I thought I'd share with you today a little project that I have been working on - it's a new product that I will soon be bringing to my little Etsy shop, just in time for summer {I hope}.

As you are I'm sure well aware, I have a bit of an addiction to succulents {there are worse things to be addicted to right?!}. Well I thought what better way to spread the love and bring a little bit of summer into all of your homes than to offer little terrarium/planter kits in my shop! They are the easiest plants to look after, and they're super forgiving if you forget to water them sometimes {oops} - so they make the perfect addition to even the most un-green fingered individual. Plus they come with all of the advice you need to keep them thriving! simples.
Each one will come with everything you need to get started with your own little succulent garden:

*//. hand illustrated cup planter
*//. proper cacti & succulent soil
*//. fine gravel
*//. the all important succulent or cacti
*//. a little care sheet
You'll then have the option for a few pounds extra to purchase a little terrarium toolkit which will give you everything you need to keep them happy going forward!

*//. plastic spray bottle {for just the right amount of weekly water}
*//. soft bristled paint brush {for dusting soil out of the leaves}
*//. round ended tweezers {for getting rid of dead leaves but not hurting the pretties}
*//. long handled metal spoon {to move soil into hard to reach places around your plant}
*//. a little handmade canvas bag to keep it all in!

There will also be the option to opt for bigger planters with a few more plants for the adventurous ones amongst you!

I'd really love to know what you think...all comments, suggestions, questions welcome :)


{HAPPY NATIONAL STATIONERY WEEK} & love is in the air...

Hello lovelies,

Happy midweek of NATIONAL STATIONERY WEEK! So it seems that the British springtime may finally be with us - which is ace for all involved - this week signals a very exciting one for geeky pen lovers like me, it's the one week of the year where we can shout about our obsessions over pretty notebooks, rulers, my fave - washi tape, and of course the all essential pens and pencils {swoon} and not feel a little lame.

Well it dawned on me the other day that the vast majority of the enquiries and orders coming through my humble little Etsy shop of late are wedding based. It's really lovely to be part of people's special day and to help them bring that personal handmade touch!

So, as love seems to well and truly be in the air, for both one and other and of course, a good bit of hand illustrated stationery - I thought a round up of my top wedding based orders was on the cards! Here are the top three items that lovely love birds seem to be ordering for their big days, and their guests.
I hope you like this little selection AND if you happen to be getting married - or would like to make a purchase as a gift for someone else who is...you can find all of my items here
I can customise each one to your specifications and personalise them too with dates & initials or whatever else might take your fancy!


If you have no intentions of getting married just yet but like me, have a deep seated love of stationery then you of course may also purchase yourself a cheeky item or two from my little shop, go on - treat yourself!


{new} to ONR...scallops!

Hello all,

It's Monday again - is it just me or did that come around especially quickly this week? I hope you had a lovely weekend!

On Friday evening I had a little design epiphany - these little scalloped chaps, inspired by the many pairs of scalloped shorts & pretty tops I've been eyeing up in the shops and online for a little while now.

So far I've hand illustrated a little tea set and a rather large {& very lovely} serving bowl - but I have visions of a whole host of other pretties.
I'd really like to set up a properly styled shoot for my items, especially the ceramics, I'd love to get some summery shots of the serving ware and some of the side plates laid out with salads and other yummy treats - but I currently can't seem to conjure up appetising shots of food! It's a tricky art that - perhaps I'll need a little help!

So what do you think? Do we approve of the new design, & would you like to see it on a specific item...the mini cake stand perhaps?

These should be listed in the shop later this week - hoorah!


{new} to ONR!

Hello all,

It's a fairly grey Wednesday - which is sad, I can't wait until Spring fully kicks in and the weather gets just a little warmer...I don't know about you, but I'm fed up of having a red nose all the time!

Anyway, today I'm just popping by to share with y'all a little new product that's been added to my humble Etsy shop. Some of you may have seen a picture of the new item I posted on Twitter & Instagram with a choice of two designs. I asked everyone to vote as to which one they preferred, so thank you to all of you who voted!

I've actually listed both designs as the votes were pretty tied...so if you'd like to buy one of these little beauties - perfect for popping down all of those things you want the most - you can get your hands on one HERE! {it even comes with a hand little pen!!}.
I hope you like it - and do let me know if you have an idea for a third design! I'm always open to ideas!


{new} to the shop

Hello all!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter {@ohnorachio} - having been rather sicky yesterday, I can report I'm back on form today, so thank you for your concern and healthy vibes!

Right, today I'm excited to finally share with you a little item that I was working on as a top secret project for one of my closest friends...

This item has a lovely back story so I wanted to share it with you!

Since November my gorgeous friend Jules has been counting down the days until her husband Steven comes home {and now its less than two weeks - YAY!}. He's out in Qatar on tour with the RAF and I know that she has been missing him like mad - so when he contacted me just before Valentine's day with a secret commission request I couldn't have been happier to help!

He wanted to make Valentine's day special despite the fact that he's a million miles away - so he asked if I could make something little for her that meant something. He gave me the phrase "I love you to the moon and back" because it's a saying they have always shared and this is what I came up with.

I personally delivered it to Jules the day after Valentines Day and I'm pleased to report that she absolutely loved it! So Steven - I hope you do too!

If you're a fan - you can purchase your own one here!
Back tomorrow with some more news :)


❤ ♥ {playing cupid} ♥ ❤

Hello all,

What a manic Monday I'm set to have! This weekend was equally busy, what with our one year blog birthday and the little South bloggers meet I organised, as well as worky work all Sunday and orders galore to make!

I hope you all had a fun, or perhaps nice and relaxing weekend? Later in the week I shall endeavour share some snippets of our blogger lunch...but for now I thought I'd share a little insight into my role...as cupid!
So over the past few weeks my little illustrated Valentines cards have proved rather popular all over the World which is super nice to see - I love to think that my little hand illustrated cards are making people's v-days just that little bit more special...although I did think the other day how sad it is that all these cards will most probably get thrown away :( {Jack said to think of them as 'temporary art' - which made me feel a little better!}.

Anyway, I offer to write the customer's 'beau's' name on the envelope, which a lot of people like me to do, however this year - I've had numerous requests for me to write the whole card and sign it anonymously and then post it directly to the recipient!! This makes me feel like a real life cupid, but I did also think that with no name to the cards, but my sticker on the back - there may be a few men {and women} out there thinking the cards are from me?! Either way, it's nice to think that I'm helping to add that little bit of mystery and fun to the big day of love!

If you'd like a little card for your Valentine  - today is the last day to order!

Happy Monday!

{two} days off.

Hello all,

As of today I have two days off...together which for those of you who also work in retail know is a bit of a brucey bonus!

I thought I'd just check in with you actually and give you a quick explanation as to why I've been a little rubbish on the {DIY} blogging side for the last few weeks. Well since Christmas actually! Essentially - I've been finding it a little difficult I must say, to juggle a full-time job with completing lots and lots of Etsy orders {essentially having two full-time jobs} as well as find time to create and photograph projects as well as edit and post them!

I think balancing all of this is possible - it's just something I need to play around with before I will get right. So please, forgive me.

However, as I said, I do now have two days to get myself into gear, post all of those orders, finish those {DIY} projects I had planned and get a nice line up of posts ready to roll for next week. I feel a monstrous to-do list coming on!

Anyway - I hope you lovelies are all well and having a nice week despite the biblical {as my lovely friend Els described it} weather we seem to be having...I genuinely thought my windows might cave in with the wind!!


p.s. if you've never met him before - meet Finn {pictured} he's my happy little man, every time I see those little curled up paws I melt!

if you're feeling fond of this little hammie you might want to follow me on Instagram {@ohnorachio}.

dear diary...

Hello all,

One of the things I'm doing this year is keeping a diary. Not the kind with that little silver padlock and the generic flimsy silver key {though they were preettttyyy cool back in the day!} and I've ditched the fluffy pen for a slightly cooler black Muji number - but nevertheless I'm embracing the diary as a tool for reflection and ideas. You never know, by getting some of those thoughts out of my head - perhaps it'll make some room for a tonne of fresh new ones?

Anyway - with that in mind I thought I'd illustrate a little handy diary to share with you all so that you can join me in this New Year habit! 

I originally went for the simple 'Dear Diary' with a little heart - but after several nostalgic comments from you lovelies over on Twitter about your childhood diaries I embraced the 90s feel and added two other designs - one with a little 'keep out' style skull and crossbones and one with everybody's favourite a good old padlock and key!

Let me know which one you like best - and if you have any suggestions for different designs, give me a shout!

If you like the look of these little books then you can get your hands on one here.

{and if you use the code TIMEOUT20 you can grab yourself 20% off them and everything else in my shop until the 22nd Jan! - bonus!}.



Hello all!

Goodness gracious me what an exciting few days I've had! So - the exciting news turned out to be really rather exciting for little old me and I've seen a nice increase orders - which = yippee + eek! Plus along with orders I've had a lot of inquiries from potential stockists, also hoorah! 

Etsy also chose to feature me on the front page as part of their New Years 'Organisation' advertising. You can browse all of their ace suggestions here. This has given me lots of orders from all over the world! Currently I have orders to ship to Brazil; Sweden; New Zealand; Spain; France; America and of course...a few to good old Blighty! :)

So - as I'm quite literally a one woman band over here you are going to have to bear with me for a little bit...at least until the ordering has calmed down!

However if you'd like to see what all of the fuss is about...check out my little shop here!

But - I also happen to have 10 days off work - which is ace - so it's illustration central over here AND I shall have the luxury of completing lots of those {DIY} projects that have been on my list for a reeeeally long time!

Love you all...
& a MASSIVE thank you for all of your continued support!