10 {simple} things

Hello all!

Happy Monday to you! Today is my first day back at work after the poorly back saga - so wish me luck!!

I hope you all enjoyed that stonker of a weekend we just had AND what about Andy Murray winning the tennis eh? That was an awesome match, what a good lad!

Anyway, last week was pretty awesome, the osteopath gave me a good cracking which seemed to really help and I managed to get out the house a little more :)

Here's the TEN top things that made last week particularly ace!
1//. this awesome lunch of salad {homegrown lettuce} & healthy turkey burgers for hitting the spot on a hot day!
2//. these amazing goodies I ordered that arrived from the WONDEROUS Isobel Kho! I have not put my ET bag down since I received it!
3//. these summery nails, because I just couldn't decide on one colour!
4//. this passionfruit Rekorderlig which I added frozen berries to for being the best summer refresher.
5//. these absolutely breathtakingly beautiful {the photo doesn't do them justice at all} embroidered table cloths, made by my lovely Grandma before she was married, so pre 1950!! The stitching is so intricate and the colours are SO beautiful, her giving these to me made my YEAR!
6//. this breakfast that Jack made me, because I can always go for pancakes.
7//. this beautiful tree outside my house for inspiring some new patterns!
8//. this little flaming katy that Harriet sent me - another little plant baby for me to smother!
9//. this little outfit that got several nice comments - made by my awesome necklace by Charlotte Mei & pug brooch from the Craft Party goodie bag by the awesomesauce Zoe of Ladybird Likes!
10//. these awesssssome icecreams we got from 'Sprinkles' gelato in Portswood for being a cooling treat after walking around Southampton University with my sister & her pal {felt so strange to be back there after so many years!}.
Hopefully you had a similarly good week? If not, hey ho - here's to the week ahead!


{update} we have a hashtag team!

Hello all!

As each day goes by and our little Craft party starts to come together, bit by bit, Harriet and I get more and more excited!

So, to help us all natter about our craft day plans, ask questions, get excited and generally just find each others tweets...we have come up with a hashtag...which was actually a lot more difficult than you might think! 

Apparently nothing sounds good with 'Soton' in it, and 'Southampton' takes up a huge chunk of a tweet...so after much deliberation we settled with #SCP!

Only 2 weeks to go!


p.s. we have some amazing sponsors providing treats for the goodie bags but if you'd like to contribute to the day, either by providing a selection of goodies for the goodie bag or a prize for our very exciting prize draw then please get in touch! Either comments here, tweet me or pop an email to hello@ohnorachio.com

{room for improvement}

Hello all!

I hope you had a lovely lovely sunny weekend! I had a super action packed Sunday off completing a rather exciting little project I undertook as part of Money Supermarket's "Room for Improvement" campaign. I love my apartment, more than anything - and buying nice succulents things for my house is a bit of an addiction. 

I love collecting pieces of furniture or sweet accessories that just add something special to the feel of the place. However, since I moved in I've been super scared of attaching anything to my pristine white walls in case I manage to like pull an entire wall of plaster down or go through a water pipe!? I think it's a fear instilled in me as a child as I was discouraged from just banging things into my walls in my room at home incase I 'damage the walls'! So now, the thought of putting hammer to nail scares me somewhat...weird eh? Nothing a bit of filler and white paint can't fix right?

ANYWAY...I was kindly given £50 to spend on some goodies that would transform a room of my choosing in the house, so - I chose the lounge - as that way, the changes would benefit everyoneeee that comes to visit!

Here's what my lounge looked like before...
It was certainly still a very nice room, don't get me wrong - but it lacked any real coherence, from the sofa to the desk etc, and there wasn't really any thought behind the layout of the smaller items of furniture...plus as I said before there was a LOT of white wall!

So....TA DA....here's what I did:
I was really surprised at how drastically I could enhance a room with very little money. Granted a spent a little more than £50...but with some styling and a few key pieces of furniture and accessories {and a spin with the sewing machine for the cushion cover}, as well as a lovely handy helper {thanks Jack} you can transform an otherwise fairly plain space and make it something completely special!

So that's my newly improved living room...what do you guys think?


p.s. you can see the gorgeous make over Harriet did with her pennies here & also Claire's phenomenal changes here!

{Etsy} it's party time!

Photo source, design by ONR
Hello all,

Guess what?! Well you've probably already guessed...BUT...we will be hosting a Craft Party in sunny Southampton on June 20th as part of Etsy's annual craft party!

Hopefully we'll get nice weather so that we can all sit out on the big roof terrace outside my little apartment - then we can soak up some summer sun and get our craft on!

I've got a super ace {DIY} planned for us all to do, as well as a whole host of treats including tasty summer drinks, homemade fruity ice lollies, cakes {yay cakes} and maybe even ice cream with sprinkles!

Just like the blog meet ups we hosting earlier this year - the event will be a really great opportunity to meet some like minded and very lovely people, as well as get stuck into some crafting action and have a natter whilst you enjoy a good piece of cake!

If you are in the South {or even if you're not} and fancy joining us then please do let me know in the comments below, including your email and I'll make sure I get you a proper Etsy invitation to the event!

Please share with any friends you think might also like to come, tweet about it, blog about it, shout about it if you like - the more the merrier!

Here's to an awesome {sunny} day!
More deets to come soon...


*|...an elephant update...|*

Hello all,

Check out these snaps of my little white elephant planter {see the DIY tutorial here} from when I first planted him up & now - just 4 weeks!
I'm especially proud of my little bears paw over there on the right {he's my fave} but I am mildly concerned that the chappy in the middle is going to completely dwarf everything else - so might need to cut him back a bit...I get the fear when I have to chop bits off, like I'm going to kill the little things, but so far so good. 

I also recently beheaded {eep} one of my massive echeverias and then decided to pull all of the leaves off to try and grow new little plantlings - the bare stem even has what appears to be four little baby plants beginning to grow off of it - so I'll have to get a picture of that when they get a little bigger!

Don't forget - if you like the look of these little planters I'm posting, you can now pre-order your own little succulent kit which includes everything you'll need to get going, at a special introductory price from my Etsy shop here!