10 {simple} things

Hello all!

Happy Monday to you! Today is my first day back at work after the poorly back saga - so wish me luck!!

I hope you all enjoyed that stonker of a weekend we just had AND what about Andy Murray winning the tennis eh? That was an awesome match, what a good lad!

Anyway, last week was pretty awesome, the osteopath gave me a good cracking which seemed to really help and I managed to get out the house a little more :)

Here's the TEN top things that made last week particularly ace!
1//. this awesome lunch of salad {homegrown lettuce} & healthy turkey burgers for hitting the spot on a hot day!
2//. these amazing goodies I ordered that arrived from the WONDEROUS Isobel Kho! I have not put my ET bag down since I received it!
3//. these summery nails, because I just couldn't decide on one colour!
4//. this passionfruit Rekorderlig which I added frozen berries to for being the best summer refresher.
5//. these absolutely breathtakingly beautiful {the photo doesn't do them justice at all} embroidered table cloths, made by my lovely Grandma before she was married, so pre 1950!! The stitching is so intricate and the colours are SO beautiful, her giving these to me made my YEAR!
6//. this breakfast that Jack made me, because I can always go for pancakes.
7//. this beautiful tree outside my house for inspiring some new patterns!
8//. this little flaming katy that Harriet sent me - another little plant baby for me to smother!
9//. this little outfit that got several nice comments - made by my awesome necklace by Charlotte Mei & pug brooch from the Craft Party goodie bag by the awesomesauce Zoe of Ladybird Likes!
10//. these awesssssome icecreams we got from 'Sprinkles' gelato in Portswood for being a cooling treat after walking around Southampton University with my sister & her pal {felt so strange to be back there after so many years!}.
Hopefully you had a similarly good week? If not, hey ho - here's to the week ahead!


5 {simple} things

Hello all,

I can't believe its Friday again already - AND - I have the day off to enjoy the sunshine and a cheeky little BBQ with the lads this afternoon! 

Anyway - today, as has become a tradition, and one that I'm really enjoying, I share with you - this weeks 5 simple things...
1//. This silly cactus hat for a} making me and Harriet lol & b} for protecting my little fingers whilst I planted up this little chap!
2//. This super awesome tea for having very lovely packaging...
...and for giving me ombre beverage based enjoyment!

3//. This little pretty pink present from Jack {it was a freebie}...
...for containing lots and lots of chilli seeds for me to plant...watch this space!
4//. This TINY leaf for being incredible and deciding to grow - hopefully into a butternut squash plant!
5//. This little pink succulent {thanks Harriet} for being so pretty & the tiny copper heart I added to give him some extra grow power love!
As always, I hoped you liked my little selection - now that the sun is out, do expect more plant based snaps, gotta love the greenery!

Have an amazing weekend guys - oh, and if you haven't seen it already, check out yesterdays post on my fave money saving tips...


{cute overload} meet Edgar...

Hello all,

Let me introduce to you, officially the World's best dog...this is Edgar {cool name eh?} and he's the absolute man! Manny and I had the pleasure of spending a whole day with this little guy yesterday {thanks Ben!} and let me tell you - he's super cool!

I thought I'd share some of the many {too many?} photos I snapped of him yesterday with you all!
Clearly enjoying the car ride on my lap...
We took the little dude to Ambleside Park {it's really more of a beach!?} and he totes loved it...you'd think being a Pom that he'd want to be carried rather than walked - nope, he was just happy to trot along next to us for a nice long walk. Honestly, I'm defo going to try to convince Jack {hey Jack!} to let us have one!

Actually though, even if you don't have a dog, but happen to be in Vancouver - I would definitely recommend taking a cheeky trip over the Ambleside Park, it was really beautiful and the sunset was amazing and there were so many cute dogs {I totally got dog envy!}.

So yes, that was my day - I've got a new found love of Pomeranians, so if anyone fancies sharing some heart meltingly cute pictures with me, please feel free to go right ahead!


{hello} Vancouver you beautiful, beautiful city!

Hello all,

So as many of you are probably already aware I'm now in Vancouver, visiting some super ace friends - which means that a} I have a little more time to blog and b} I'm doing sweet stuff every day {yay!}.

Vancouver is absolutely amazing, like everything about it is totally wicked - I'm going to try and share with you guys a few cool places to go if you happen to be in town over the coming days, and I'm also going to try and get a cheeky {DIY} post in on Friday too - I've missed doing them!

Today though I just wanted to share some snaps I've taken of the stunning sunsets I've been lucky enough to catch pretty much everyday! It's amazing to be in a place where on minute you're in a super busy downtown setting, and 20 minutes later you can be on the side of a mountain or chilling at an amazing freshwater lake! It certainly puts Southampton to shame!

So here are some of my little snaps {taken on my iPhone 4 - didn't bring my snazzy camera!}

 Sunset from the beach at English Bay, downtown Vancouver...
 Also at English Bay...
 Absolutely amazing sunset from Cypress Mountain {thanks to Manny and Ben for taking me there especially to see it!}
Almost sunset at the old shipyard in North Vancouver...
 So to take this photo I had to scale a fence at Stanley Park and scramble through brambles and god knows what {I even got thorns in my legs!} only to realise that I could have walked 100m further to the 'lookout' and seen the full sunset in all its glory...idiot? Anyway, I think this shots far more natural {ahem.}
Yesterday's sunset at Ambleside Park - honestly, Vancouver is just too beautiful!

Seriously, this place is amazing. I could totally see myself living here, Vancouver has it all - it has all of the cool restaurants and bars and shops that you would enjoy discovering in London but without the horrendously stressful amount of people everywhere - yet it also has such breathtaking spots of unspoilt natural beauty just a stones throw away from the city centre action. It's the place to be I'm telling you!

Anyway, hope you liked my little snaps, I'll be sharing more on Vancouver with you all over the coming days!


{hello} Dallas!

Hey y'all!

Just a quick post today to share some pics from my trip to Dallas - I want to get on with posting some Vancouver antics as I've been free to do lots of ace things here in Vancouver {this trip is a holiday, not for work - yay!}.

So, Dallas was ace, I had a pimpin' room which I shared with the rather awesome Steph...it was so hip it had a TV inside the bathroom mirror - sweet eh? I did enjoy catching up on a bit of Fresh Prince whilst having a shower!
As y'all know though, I was in Dallas with work so I can't say I did a huge amount of sight seeing. Plus it was so hot and we were inside for such long periods of time I pretty much rushed to the pool each evening to catch the last fading rays of sun to banish my casper white complexion! Also the view from the rooftop pool was unbelievable...check it out!
I pretty much spent all of my spare time at the pool - come on, who wouldn't, it was gorgeous and super hot. Other than that I shopped, a lot!

All in all I did have a really great time in Dallas, what totally, hands down made the experience was the people I went with and those I met. I've never spent time with a more amazing, diverse, interesting group of people. I'd have loved to have spent some more time there actually seeing what Dallas has to offer but I can't complain, Vancouver is amazing! 


p.s, now that I'm not in Dallas I might have to stop saying y'all - I'm sure most of you are pretty pleased about that eh?

{hello} Dallas friends...

Hey y'all


The best part of being in Dallas was the 200 amazing people I got to spend two weeks with! I think next year a road trip round the US is in order...I'm not quite sure how I'll survive without my new fave Americans in my life!

So on our last night in Dallas we were provided with a super ace photobooth and left to our own devices...here's some snaps of the wicked cool kids I got to spend the last two weeks with.

I do hope that England is still rather wonderful? I hear the weather has been pretty alright over the last couple of days..

Love to you all!



{hello} introvert re-charging...

Hello all, just a little one today...

No not me, as I'm sure is rather blindingly obvious - I'm no introvert, however I do have a wonderful close friend who is. He lives with his friend who, like me is pretty extroverted and therefore loves to be around people all of the time {I don't ever seem to find I want alone time, weird eh?}. My pal, however   loves  a good bit of time alone to collect his thoughts. He's quite the deep thinker! 

So, he wanted me to make him a cute little door sign that could help tell people when he was happy for them to just bound on into his room, and when he actually just needs his own space.

Here's what we came up with and I'm very pleased to announce that he LOVED it. 

I hope you like it! 


{hello} Wilderness Festival!

Hello all,

As you most probably know, this weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy a whole three days in the glorious sunshine of Cornbury Park with my lovely boy Jack. 

Wilderness was absolutely amazing! The festival itself was set in woodlands and had THE coolest {freezing cold} swimming lake - which I definitely made the most of. I could write a massive post about how ace everything was - it was all ace - especially the food - well - the ice-cream, rhubarb crumble icecream none the less...I will need to find the recipe! Anyway, a massive long post is not what I'm going to write as for those of you not there it would totally be a massive *yawn* moment..

So, instead I'm sharing some pretty pictures of the weekend for you to enjoy! Cue many wildernessy pretty shots and several potentially vom inducing - but very cute couple shots!

If you get the chance next year - go.