{hello} Prague

Hello all!

Did you miss me? I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and managed to enjoy some of this lovely sun we seem to all of a sudden have been given!

So for those of you that saw last weeks posts {here & here}, I was looking forward to a surprise trip away courtesy of my lovely boyfriend Jack. Well, as you will have guessed from the title of this little post - the mystery location was Prague!!

I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful thoughtful boy - and I can report we had the most amazing time together. It was an absolutely stunning city to visit, the architecture is beautiful, the food was amazing and we had a really relaxing time at the hotel.

Here are a few of my many snaps...I'll be sharing a little more about the city, things to do, sites to see & places to eat later this week...I do hope you'll enjoy!

I hope you I didn't spam you with too many pictures and that you liked what you saw...

Back to work tomorrow :(


{dreaming of} tokyo...

original image here
Hello all!

Happy Wednesday to you - today is a pretty big deal for me because I have a big old interview up in London {I'm not scared though, I'm actually quite excited} so I would appreciate it if you are reading this - if you could send me some positive/good luck vibes?  thanks.

Anyway...I don't know about you, but I'm just wishing that spring would hurry up and come along! That 13 degrees Saturday fooled me into thinking spring was upon us, but lo and behold...we then got two days of snow and now insane icy winds. Not impressed.

It's also that time of year when I start dreaming about where I'd like to go for a nice summer holiday, and there's nowhere I want to go more than to Japan. Especially as whilst we're all shivering over here - spring really is almost in full swing over there. It's nearly cherry blossom season, or Sakura and I can't think of a more beautiful time to visit...
Aside from the stunning cherry blossoms, I could eat sushi and Japanese cuisine all day every day, and everything able to Japanese culture is incredibly interesting.

I think ideally you'd need to spend at least two or three weeks there to actually make the most of it - especially as I'd love not only to visit Tokyo, but some of the more traditional areas and visit several of its islands.

I've been researching places to stay whilst in Tokyo and things to do and see - but I'd love suggestions if any of you have already been!

Where in the world would you go if you could go anywhere tomorrow?

{hello} lions of the louvre...

Hello all,

I hope you might be liking the little pictures I've been sharing this week - oh and yesterday's little free download too! Today I thought I'd share the last of my Paris pics {nobody likes an hour long slideshow of someone else's holiday snaps right?}.

We visited the Louvre whilst there and it was rather lovely. I've been before, and wasn't too fussed about seeing the 'Venus de Milo' and the Mona Lisa {which are both swamped with crowds of tourists all frantically snapping pictures - with flashes?! what's that about?}. Jack and I were much happier pottering round admiring the little details of the less tourist mobbed artefacts - like the Greek pottery, Persian figurines and Egyptian art. I did a degree in Archaeology - so to some extent I sometimes feel a little indifferent to halls and halls of artefacts {bad isn't it?}.

So here are some of my snaps from in and around the Louvre...{and half way down some super ace lions, so keep scrolling!}.

This man looked so grumpy!
This little lady reminded me of the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland - can you see it?
Amazing early writing - Crazy tiny it was!
This cheeky snake was totes taking a bite out of this poor nudey man's bottom!

Had to get a little visit to the Apple Store in and see my buddies! 
Such amazing pattern inspiration to be found in the sculpture galleries...

Anyway...I discovered that the Louvre contains lots and lots of lions, pretty lovely little chaps actually - so I snapped some of them in all their glory! Here they are for your enjoyment...

This little pal was definitely my favourite of all of the lions he just looked so surprised and confused all at once!! Wanted to take him home!

I wouldn't mind a three headed dog if he looked like this...what a cutie eh?

Anyways, hope you liked the last of my pictures!
Definitely visit the Louvre if you can, it's worth a good few hours of your time..

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a lovely little Christmas {DIY}.

{nom} Parisian eats...

Hello all,

One of the highlights of Paris was definitely the yummy food! So, I thought I'd share a few of the treats and eats we enjoyed during our time there last week!
This croissant was from the boulangerie (bakery) literally on our doorstep and my god was it good! Each morning we bought fresh croissants and pain au raisin. One morning we bought a couple of baguettes - literally the best bread we'd ever had {also still warm} and then headed over to the fromagerie {cheese shop} on Rue du Rochechouart where we bought some traditional french cheese and quince jelly and enjoyed a lovely brunch! 

I definitely miss the freshly baked bread now that I'm back. It's such a shame that we don't have the same tradition over here...the Tesco Express on my road is a palid comparison!
Goodness me, this Ladurée masterpiece was heavenly - fresh sweet raspberries and rose cream. nom. {also...that cheeky little tarte citron in the background wasn't as spectacular looking but my god did it taste amazing!!}.
So, these photos majorly make it look like I have a massive sweet tooth, but I can assure you usually I'm all about the savoury. Starter over dessert any day! However, the sweet treats in Paris are just so beautiful I tended to snap those rather than the baguettes - less impressive but equally tasty!!

There were also some awesome places we ate at whilst in Paris which I would highly recommend you try if you happen to be visiting...
1//. La Classe - 6 Rue de Mauberge:
Classroom styled restaurant with an outstanding menu and gorgeous dishes of the day which sell out fast, so get there nice and early for din dins!
2//. La Crêperie de Josselin - 67 Rue du Montparnasse:
This modest little creperie was highly recommended online - so we literally traipsed over what felt like the entirety of Paris to find it {it was the day we walked 12 miles}! There's actually another 'Josselin Creperie' on the same road - but don't be confused, it's not as good {apparently}. This place was the bee's knees, honestly, the crepes were to die for!
We had a savoury and then a sweet crepe each, accompanied by cider...a tradition!
Definitely worth the trek with a trusty map, check out the reviews on trip advisor!

{hello} Paris!

Hello all,

I'm back, I hope you liked the little posts I lined up whilst I was away! I thought I'd snap to it and share with you some pictures I took whilst on our little mid week trip to the beautiful city of Paris!

We stayed in a sweet little apartment in the northern part of central Paris, which we found on this ace website called 'air b'n'b'. It was a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel and we really enjoyed it because it was really relaxed and we had the flexibility to come and go as we pleased and have the run of a whole {albeit small} apartment. 

Over the few days we were there we enjoyed lots of sight seeing, lots of lovely food and the odd bit of shopping too! We didn't use the Metro at all and walked nearly 12 miles around Paris on our first day as the weather was so nice! {Quite the contrast to back here in the UK it would seem!}. My fuelband was certainly loving life with all of the walking we did - my legs, not so much!!

So without further ado here are some sly little snaps of our trip...more to come later in the week :)
This was our first glimpse of the Eiffel tower {yay!}.
The leaves on all of the trees were the most beautiful autumn colours!
Someone had added red noses to lots of the statues around the city! So cute...
I love the colours in this shot and it was SUCH a nice day to be exploring!
This font was pretty ace...
Little porcelain Phantom of the Opera birdies in the incredible window displays at posh department store Bon Marche! {Think Selfridges rather than the old lady shop 'bon marche' we have over here!!}
This was the awesome ceilings and rather ostentatious tree at the Galeries Lafayette in Opéra
These were the rather neon Christmas decorations lining the Champs-Élysées!!

Anyways, it was all rather lovely!
You should go!


{bon voyage} I'm on my way to Paris..

Hello all,

As you read this I'll be well on my merry way to Paris, with my lovely Jack {hoorah}. It's all rather exciting actually as it's our very first holiday together alone - can't quite believe it actually. It's only taken two and a half years! 

Anyway, with any luck Paris won't disappoint {I know it won't} and we'll have an amazing few days enjoying the delights of french culture, shopping, lots and lots of pastries and other foodie delights as well as many an art gallery I hope!

I've been very prepared...unlike me I know, and got some little posts ready to go over the next couple of days so that the blog won't suffer a tumble weed attack like it did whilst I was in Dallas. 

Then when I get back I can share some of the cheeky little photos I'll hopefully be snapping whilst I'm there and you never know...it might just spur you on to visit the city of love?!


Photo source: here 
{I stumbled upon the site randomly and it's wonderful, so definitely have a little look, the photos are to die for!} 

{Revolver} for the love of coffee...

Hello all,

I'm no coffee connoisseur - hey, I actually don't even drink coffee {teachers coffee breath memories make me shudder} but I was recently taken to a super ace coffee house in Gastown, Vancouver by the lovely Ben and forced {well not exactly forced but strongly encouraged} to try a cup of the strong stuff...

Revolver is in the super young trendy district of Vancouver that I fell in love with, Gastown - it's a family run fine coffee house (/laboratory!). The place where all the cool kids hang out to get a real cup of coffee sourced and made with true passion. I was introduced to the lovely George and John - two of the four bros that run the shop. Turns out coffee making is more of a science than an art - they have lots of glass beakers and scales and all sorts!
Well, Ben took me and ordered me a weeny macchiato - because he said, it was nice and milky and not as bitter as a full on espresso - and I must say I really liked it. So much so that as we sat chatting we made our way through 3 each - and then I spent the next few hours with the shakes {like a total rookie}, my body is so not used to caffeine! 

I do however, already love a good cup of green tea, and much to my delight the owners love a good green tea leaf almost as much as they love a good coffee bean - so I also dabbled in a pot of green tea. Needless to say it was also a delight!
Not only do they make an outstanding beverage, the boys at Revolver are wonderfully welcoming and relaxed and they style a mean interior - they have the coolest 'bar' and a map of the world stretching a whole wall - made of nails, with the areas where coffee beans grow highlighted with gold nails {LOVED that!}.

If you're ever in Vancouver - DEFINITELY pop in, say hi, and grab the best coffee you'll ever drink.

p.s. they totally have an awesome little selection of freshly baked cakes and cookies too.

p.p.s. Thank you to the lovely George for supplying these ace images of the place!

{j'adore} Paris...

Salut all!

I'm super excited to share with you all that my wonderful boyfriend and I have booked our trip to Paris in November. I cannot wait to stay in an amazing Parisian apartment in the centre of the city and spend four days exploring, enjoying some gorgeous french food, visiting galleries and perhaps doing a bit of shopping too? 

We also happen to love the movie Midnight in Paris...so I'm fully expecting to stumble upon a 1920s party and meet all of the late great artists, writers and philosophers of the time...I'll be most disappointed if this doesn't happen!

Have any of you ever been to Paris? I'd love to know of any lovely little places you stumbled upon, or patisseries; restaurants; boutiques; museums or galleries too...

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend despite the miserable weather? I definitely hit up Ikea and as usual spent way too much - but - I did manage to get some ace ceramics that I'll be illustrating ready for christmas!


{nom} Meat & Bread

Hello all,

Last night I was thinking about all the awesome places I ate in Vancouver {there are so many it's unreal!} and I thought I ought to share with you one of my faves. If you ever happen to find yourself in Vancouver - then you need to check out this amazing sandwich shop...Meat & Bread. I'm an absolute sucker for good design and cool packaging and this place had me at hello...

Each day they have a couple of special sandwiches as well as their classics...unfortunately on the day I went the Porchetta sandwich which is apparently the best was sold out {should have had an early rather than late lunch}. Instead Ben, Saaed and I shared the lamb shoulder and meatball sandwiches and oh my they were amazing! {thanks Saeed!}. I certainly didn't feel like I was missing out not getting the Porchetta. They make them and pop them onto a rustic wooden board with a dollop of this AMAZING mustard which they also make and sell {yes it has super cool packaging!} - wish I'd bought some now! 
It's got the coolest decor and a really relaxed atmosphere - I really like that there's pretty much just one long table where everyone pulls up a chair and gets comfy together. It was a pretty hipster place - but I totes love a bit of that!
You can check out their daily menu here.
I'll be begrudgingly tucking into a fairly average homemade sandwich at lunch today..longing to be back at M&B!
Anyway I would highly recommend it for a light lunch if you happen to be in the area.

Have a lovely Tuesday!