{two} days off.

Hello all,

As of today I have two days off...together which for those of you who also work in retail know is a bit of a brucey bonus!

I thought I'd just check in with you actually and give you a quick explanation as to why I've been a little rubbish on the {DIY} blogging side for the last few weeks. Well since Christmas actually! Essentially - I've been finding it a little difficult I must say, to juggle a full-time job with completing lots and lots of Etsy orders {essentially having two full-time jobs} as well as find time to create and photograph projects as well as edit and post them!

I think balancing all of this is possible - it's just something I need to play around with before I will get right. So please, forgive me.

However, as I said, I do now have two days to get myself into gear, post all of those orders, finish those {DIY} projects I had planned and get a nice line up of posts ready to roll for next week. I feel a monstrous to-do list coming on!

Anyway - I hope you lovelies are all well and having a nice week despite the biblical {as my lovely friend Els described it} weather we seem to be having...I genuinely thought my windows might cave in with the wind!!


p.s. if you've never met him before - meet Finn {pictured} he's my happy little man, every time I see those little curled up paws I melt!

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{update} sweets for my sweet...

Hello all,

Welcome to my new readers - there seems to be a fair few of you, so thanks - I really appreciate the support, and of course thanks to those who've been following from the start too!

Today's little update is a sweet one, literally.

A few weeks ago now a very lovely lady asked me whether I would create her a custom banner to use for her sweets table at her wedding in the big old US of A. I love custom commissions so of course said yes and this is what I created. It's similar to my bunting found here but MUCH bigger and made on thick card to be less fragile.

So without further ado, check it out - I hope Zara loves it, Jack even suggested I make us one to keep and hang in our bedroom, it fills a wall really nicely!

I hope you like it and just so you know...if anyone fancies one of these for themselves, with whatever word you so desire written upon it...give me a shout at hello@ohnorachio.com!


{monday monday} a sneaky peaky...

Hello all,

Hope everyone's weekend was lovely - the weather certainly helped with that I'm sure - let's hope this continues now until October eh?

Just a little post today to keep you all updating on what's going down in the shop and what's coming up in the coming weeks...

It would seem that I am by no means alone out in this big old World in my love for stationery. My 'Big Book of Ideas' has been selling very well and I've had a lot of interest lately in all of my notebooks, so I've decided to concentrate on filling the shop with a few more very pretty, hand illustrated notebooks. Summer is the time to plan, travel and get things done and what better way to keep your thoughts coherent than in a lovely little (or big) book!

Here is the first addition, some of you may have already seen it but for those that haven't...ta da!

I absolutely love this little beauty as it appeals to my love of Kraft paper (its front cover) but has a myriad of rainbow coloured pages within that you can doodle on, write lists on, or just flick through and admire - whatever takes your fancy!

Here, is my hoard of different supplies I came back with on a recent trip into London, my fave is by far the enormous rainbow journal - it's square {swoon} and has even more different rainbow colours than the mini one {yay}.

So, keep an eye out on Twitter {@ohnorachio} and Facebook {I have a page you can 'Like'} for more details on things to come...

oh and one more thing...I have a competition coming up...more news on this later! {eek!}


{hello} I'm back!

So I'm back in the swing...or getting there! Apologies for the silence over the last week and a half - I have in fact, got a good excuse for my lack of speech over here on the little old website!

I have had a wonderful, eventful short break with my dear friend Bing, in Marrakech - yes sir-ee, I can highly recommend it to any and all who might consider visiting the very vibrant Moroccan capital!

Alas though, I will have to ask you to wait a little longer before I share my experience, not too long, I'm hoping to get a wee post on the go for Friday..so hold tight for that!

In the mean time, this week I'll be posting a few lovely updates from the shop and another cheeky little DIY post for you guys to get stuck into..

In the mean time..here's a sneaky peak of what I've had to drag myself away from to come back to rainy Southampton!