{Revolver} for the love of coffee...

Hello all,

I'm no coffee connoisseur - hey, I actually don't even drink coffee {teachers coffee breath memories make me shudder} but I was recently taken to a super ace coffee house in Gastown, Vancouver by the lovely Ben and forced {well not exactly forced but strongly encouraged} to try a cup of the strong stuff...

Revolver is in the super young trendy district of Vancouver that I fell in love with, Gastown - it's a family run fine coffee house (/laboratory!). The place where all the cool kids hang out to get a real cup of coffee sourced and made with true passion. I was introduced to the lovely George and John - two of the four bros that run the shop. Turns out coffee making is more of a science than an art - they have lots of glass beakers and scales and all sorts!
Well, Ben took me and ordered me a weeny macchiato - because he said, it was nice and milky and not as bitter as a full on espresso - and I must say I really liked it. So much so that as we sat chatting we made our way through 3 each - and then I spent the next few hours with the shakes {like a total rookie}, my body is so not used to caffeine! 

I do however, already love a good cup of green tea, and much to my delight the owners love a good green tea leaf almost as much as they love a good coffee bean - so I also dabbled in a pot of green tea. Needless to say it was also a delight!
Not only do they make an outstanding beverage, the boys at Revolver are wonderfully welcoming and relaxed and they style a mean interior - they have the coolest 'bar' and a map of the world stretching a whole wall - made of nails, with the areas where coffee beans grow highlighted with gold nails {LOVED that!}.

If you're ever in Vancouver - DEFINITELY pop in, say hi, and grab the best coffee you'll ever drink.

p.s. they totally have an awesome little selection of freshly baked cakes and cookies too.

p.p.s. Thank you to the lovely George for supplying these ace images of the place!

{nom} Meat & Bread

Hello all,

Last night I was thinking about all the awesome places I ate in Vancouver {there are so many it's unreal!} and I thought I ought to share with you one of my faves. If you ever happen to find yourself in Vancouver - then you need to check out this amazing sandwich shop...Meat & Bread. I'm an absolute sucker for good design and cool packaging and this place had me at hello...

Each day they have a couple of special sandwiches as well as their classics...unfortunately on the day I went the Porchetta sandwich which is apparently the best was sold out {should have had an early rather than late lunch}. Instead Ben, Saaed and I shared the lamb shoulder and meatball sandwiches and oh my they were amazing! {thanks Saeed!}. I certainly didn't feel like I was missing out not getting the Porchetta. They make them and pop them onto a rustic wooden board with a dollop of this AMAZING mustard which they also make and sell {yes it has super cool packaging!} - wish I'd bought some now! 
It's got the coolest decor and a really relaxed atmosphere - I really like that there's pretty much just one long table where everyone pulls up a chair and gets comfy together. It was a pretty hipster place - but I totes love a bit of that!
You can check out their daily menu here.
I'll be begrudgingly tucking into a fairly average homemade sandwich at lunch today..longing to be back at M&B!
Anyway I would highly recommend it for a light lunch if you happen to be in the area.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

{cute overload} meet Edgar...

Hello all,

Let me introduce to you, officially the World's best dog...this is Edgar {cool name eh?} and he's the absolute man! Manny and I had the pleasure of spending a whole day with this little guy yesterday {thanks Ben!} and let me tell you - he's super cool!

I thought I'd share some of the many {too many?} photos I snapped of him yesterday with you all!
Clearly enjoying the car ride on my lap...
We took the little dude to Ambleside Park {it's really more of a beach!?} and he totes loved it...you'd think being a Pom that he'd want to be carried rather than walked - nope, he was just happy to trot along next to us for a nice long walk. Honestly, I'm defo going to try to convince Jack {hey Jack!} to let us have one!

Actually though, even if you don't have a dog, but happen to be in Vancouver - I would definitely recommend taking a cheeky trip over the Ambleside Park, it was really beautiful and the sunset was amazing and there were so many cute dogs {I totally got dog envy!}.

So yes, that was my day - I've got a new found love of Pomeranians, so if anyone fancies sharing some heart meltingly cute pictures with me, please feel free to go right ahead!


{hello} Vancouver you beautiful, beautiful city!

Hello all,

So as many of you are probably already aware I'm now in Vancouver, visiting some super ace friends - which means that a} I have a little more time to blog and b} I'm doing sweet stuff every day {yay!}.

Vancouver is absolutely amazing, like everything about it is totally wicked - I'm going to try and share with you guys a few cool places to go if you happen to be in town over the coming days, and I'm also going to try and get a cheeky {DIY} post in on Friday too - I've missed doing them!

Today though I just wanted to share some snaps I've taken of the stunning sunsets I've been lucky enough to catch pretty much everyday! It's amazing to be in a place where on minute you're in a super busy downtown setting, and 20 minutes later you can be on the side of a mountain or chilling at an amazing freshwater lake! It certainly puts Southampton to shame!

So here are some of my little snaps {taken on my iPhone 4 - didn't bring my snazzy camera!}

 Sunset from the beach at English Bay, downtown Vancouver...
 Also at English Bay...
 Absolutely amazing sunset from Cypress Mountain {thanks to Manny and Ben for taking me there especially to see it!}
Almost sunset at the old shipyard in North Vancouver...
 So to take this photo I had to scale a fence at Stanley Park and scramble through brambles and god knows what {I even got thorns in my legs!} only to realise that I could have walked 100m further to the 'lookout' and seen the full sunset in all its glory...idiot? Anyway, I think this shots far more natural {ahem.}
Yesterday's sunset at Ambleside Park - honestly, Vancouver is just too beautiful!

Seriously, this place is amazing. I could totally see myself living here, Vancouver has it all - it has all of the cool restaurants and bars and shops that you would enjoy discovering in London but without the horrendously stressful amount of people everywhere - yet it also has such breathtaking spots of unspoilt natural beauty just a stones throw away from the city centre action. It's the place to be I'm telling you!

Anyway, hope you liked my little snaps, I'll be sharing more on Vancouver with you all over the coming days!


{hello} Dallas!

Hello all,

A little life update today for y'all {see what I did there? getting into the spirit of things already!}.
In a mere EIGHT days time I shall be jetting off to Dallas for just under 3 weeks for ongoing training as part of my wonderful job!

I'm a very lucky girl indeed. Whilst I'm there I totally want to explore the city and enjoy all of the delights that the mighty Dallas has to offer...so on that note, *hello* to all of you lovely American readers {and those of you who've visited Dallas too!}. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to recommend me some places to shop/eat/visit.

Also if you know anyone in Dallas I'd be eternally grateful if you might copy them the link to this post in the hope that maybe they might shed some light, and perhaps I can get a little list together of must see's and do's!

Dallas will be the first part of my trip, the second part being Seattle and Vancouver which I posted about earlier this month - I promise to try my very hardest to keep up with my blog posting and hopefully share lots of lovely pictures too! plus I'm hoping to gather lots of wonderful inspiration for next blog posts and {DIYS} whilst I'm out there too...yay!

Please do share your recommendations - and any Dallas {OR Seattle} bloggers out there please do give me a shout - I'd love an international little blogger meet!

Hope you're all having a great week!