a weekend in pictures.

Hello all,

This weekend I was lucky enough to be off work - it was a super ace little surprise actually as I hadn't booked it off or anything! Well, I had a huge amount of things to do, including cleaning the apartment - which looked like an unaccomplishable task - but I did it!

I thought I'd share with you some little snippets of my Saturday & Sunday :)

I had fun with toy dinosaurs; got hand cramp illustrating a large custom order; added some more detail to my bird illustration; bought some sweet little heart stickers for my packaging; played with my new retina display MacBook baby; got the little potato tubers out to start growing and added some washi details to some orders I had to post!

On Sunday I journeyed up to London to meet my lovely pal Bing and her awesome friend from Chicago Marie! Here are a few Sunday snaps, needless to say they are pretty much all food!

Fortnum & Mason, the most beautiful department store had so many gorgeous cakes and pastries! Plus the whole store's colour scheme is the same mint green you can see in my logo and up there on my nails {fave}, so I was most pleased!
I hope you all hid similarly lovely weekends!


there's no business like snow business...

Hello all!

What a snowy weekend we've had here in the UK...so much snow the whole country it seemed ground to a halt?! 

So much snow that I trekked to the post office with a bag full of orders only to find it was closed due to 'extreme weather conditions'. I found the happy little chappy above in the park near my house - I wish he could stay there forever. Although he was a little bit 'Jack' from Nightmare before Christmas...

Ok, so we had a dusting of snow - far less than you lovely Canadians experience every year, and certainly nothing like that of good old Finland. It was very pretty though - very pretty to admire from inside a warm flat snuggled in a blanket armed with a cup of tea and a toasted cinnamon bagel!
Like I said, I was brave enough to venture out - choosing what on reflection resembled a grey car costume - and my faithful toasty warm Ugg boots....SUCH A FAIL! Dear god, after the 20 minutes walk through the pretty snow taking lots of gleeful snaps - I discovered that the soles of Uggs are like sponges and my feet were squelching. Not a happy bunny. Below are my pre-squelchy Uggs.
Anyway, I hope everyone managed at least some time playing in the snow...
It's now a horrible grey slippery mess, far less fun.

Today I'm back to business posting orders and finishing my project to share with you all on Friday.


how can the clouds still have water left in them?

Hello all,

Today I thought I'd give a little update on what I've been up to over the weekend and what my plans are for my last week of being an invalid (I'm SUPER excited to get back to work by the way!!). So the weather has been pretty horrendous to say the least over the last few week. I genuinely can't even comprehend how the clouds can still have rain left in them?

Anyway, this weekend was rather lovely as Jack had the weekend off work (he commutes to London during the week for his postgrad and works all weekend). Those that follow me on Instagram (ohnorachio) will know already that he kicked the weekend off by making me a lovely breakfast of eggy bread, smoky bacon and maple syrup - yum! 

We then jumped in the car to head down to Somerset to pick up the desk of our dreams from the lovely family whom we bought it on eBay from. It's literally our pride and joy and something Jack has been lusting after FOREVER - it's a ridiculously expensive solid oak desk from Habitat that the lovely Ollie sold us for the bargain price of £40! Here is our new baby:

The desk was literally the highlight of the Saturday and we spent most of the afternoon revelling in it's beauty - Jack was desperate for a desk to do his thesis on but we couldn't afford to get a really nice one. 

On Sunday we had my family over for a meal of slow cooked pulled pork and home made pitta and coleslaw and all sorts of lovely things - here is the pork at 9am ready to go into the oven! It was super yum by the way!

Today, I was going to do a test walk into town - ready for going back to work next week - wanted to see if the old knees could take it yet! Sadly, rain stopped play - I was not going to get soaked to the skin and freezing!

So, I decided to start the project I've been wanting to do for ages, as a tutorial for the blog (going up later in the week), and that was to create my lovely sewing machine an attractive new cover as the old plastic white one it came with was looking pretty gross...

Without further ado, here is a sneak peek of said new cover....tutorial to follow :)

Lots more to come this week, hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend and you aren't feeling too down about all this rain!