dear diary...

Hello all,

One of the things I'm doing this year is keeping a diary. Not the kind with that little silver padlock and the generic flimsy silver key {though they were preettttyyy cool back in the day!} and I've ditched the fluffy pen for a slightly cooler black Muji number - but nevertheless I'm embracing the diary as a tool for reflection and ideas. You never know, by getting some of those thoughts out of my head - perhaps it'll make some room for a tonne of fresh new ones?

Anyway - with that in mind I thought I'd illustrate a little handy diary to share with you all so that you can join me in this New Year habit! 

I originally went for the simple 'Dear Diary' with a little heart - but after several nostalgic comments from you lovelies over on Twitter about your childhood diaries I embraced the 90s feel and added two other designs - one with a little 'keep out' style skull and crossbones and one with everybody's favourite a good old padlock and key!

Let me know which one you like best - and if you have any suggestions for different designs, give me a shout!

If you like the look of these little books then you can get your hands on one here.

{and if you use the code TIMEOUT20 you can grab yourself 20% off them and everything else in my shop until the 22nd Jan! - bonus!}.



Hello all!

Goodness gracious me what an exciting few days I've had! So - the exciting news turned out to be really rather exciting for little old me and I've seen a nice increase orders - which = yippee + eek! Plus along with orders I've had a lot of inquiries from potential stockists, also hoorah! 

Etsy also chose to feature me on the front page as part of their New Years 'Organisation' advertising. You can browse all of their ace suggestions here. This has given me lots of orders from all over the world! Currently I have orders to ship to Brazil; Sweden; New Zealand; Spain; France; America and of course...a few to good old Blighty! :)

So - as I'm quite literally a one woman band over here you are going to have to bear with me for a little least until the ordering has calmed down!

However if you'd like to see what all of the fuss is about...check out my little shop here!

But - I also happen to have 10 days off work - which is ace - so it's illustration central over here AND I shall have the luxury of completing lots of those {DIY} projects that have been on my list for a reeeeally long time!

Love you all...
& a MASSIVE thank you for all of your continued support!


{oh hello} little TimeOut feature!

Hello all!

So here's the news you've all been waiting for me to announce, that I've been getting more excited about as it has drawn ever closer.

Tomorrow, my 'Big Book of Ideas' is being featured in London's Time Out magazine, as part of Etsy's  'best of' supplement. I know right...super exciting times eh?! Thats 320,000 copies of a sweet magazine each with my humble little book in it! As you can quite possibly tell I'm rather chuffed about it.

If you happen to be out and about in London this week then please do pick up a little copy of Time Out and have a peek at my book. Actually - being based in Southampton I won't have the chance to pick one up for myself, so if you're feeling kind - would you grab a Time Out for me too?

For those of you, like me, who don't live in London, you can also see the selection of gorgeous items the team at Etsy have chosen for Time Out here!

Hopefully you share in my excitement about this feature after the build up I've given it - but if you think its a bit of a damp squib then my apologies!


P.s. The cheeky Brucey bonus is that inside the magazine is a discount code which you can use in all of the shops featured {hoorah!}.

{oh my} isn't this littl'un just the cutest...

Hello all,

One of the things I love the most about making handmade gifts for people is hearing what the recipients think of my work. It always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling when I receive a sweet comment from one of my customers! 

So I got an even warmer fuzzier feeling when two of my lovely customers Faith and Max shared with me some pictures of the super cute little Amelia with the bunny that I made. Faith and Max bought it as a gift for her birth and I'm told she takes it absolutely everywhere with her. See, warm and fuzzy right?

You can get your hands on your own little bunny here! Each one is made to order, so if you want a different combination of colours, then just ask...I'll be happy to help!
Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

Thank you so much Max for sharing these photos - and thank you too to Amelia's very proud parents for letting me share them with you all!

Christmas is so near! eek!
Lots of love,

{etsy} a little new addition...

Hello all!

Just a little update today for you - I have a sweet little free printable to share this week that's perfect for adding to your gifts this Christmas!

But today I thought I'd share a little addition to the shop that I made yesterday. It's super sweet and rather small (A7) and is the perfect little book to pop into even the smallest handbag and jot down all of those things you just must remember to do!

I hope you like it - it would make the a rather lovely little stocking filler addition, still a couple of days left to order if you're wanting your gift shipping within the UK!
You can get yourself or a lucky friend one of these sweet little books for just £5 here!

Festivities to you all!

{goodness me} last week...

Hello all, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Had you forgotten about me? I've been AWOL this week again - and not even because I've been galavanting around on a lovely holiday! {boo}. I have indeed been working what feels like two full-time jobs. Going to work during the day and then creating and packaging lots of orders at night - and then queueing at the Post Office for my entire lunch break everyday to get everybody's lovely orders out to them in time for Christmas!

So today I thought I'd just check in and say hey and share with you a few snaps of my busy bee week!
My awesome stickers from Moo arrived! {yay for pretty packaging!}
This little man joined the family...
All of these to illustrate in one evening.
All ready to package up!
Finn had a bad hair day...
I went all festive with my nails...
Saturday morning pre 9am this was me..
Oodles of candy canes to pop into my orders {everyone loves a sweet treat!}.
My creation in all of its glory {so proud!} - I now have somewhere to store all of my notebooks!
My rather festive, neat and tidy little desk :)

With any luck - I'll be nice and organised and have some lovely posts for you all throughout the week...

Festive cheer and happy Monday!

{etsy} so this happened...

Hello all,

As I type this it's nearly 1am and I'm rather tired, tired that is, for good reason - because I've been busy packaging orders!

These last few days have been rather manic, with custom requests, inquiries and orders coming out of my ears. It's fantastic {if a little tiring} and all down to the lovely Etsy using one of my items as the image to their Christmas promotional front page banner. Whenever anyone visits from anywhere in Europe - my little notebooks appear just as they do above...I'm truly honoured and very flattered that they would choose to use my little illustrations! {yay!}.

So apologies for the lack of posts for yesterday and Monday - I had intended to get them scheduled as I usually do over the weekend, but alas - I've been very much engrossed in illustrating my little socks off!

I've managed to get all order completed, packaged and I hope to keep up to date with my usual posting for the rest of this week.

Lots of love and festive spirit!

p.s. you can have a little look at those little notebooks and lots more gift ideas here!

{quick} last chance to order in time for Christmas...

Hello all,

A rare post on Saturday from me! Here's just a little bit of information about the last posting dates for orders placed in my little Etsy shop. I am popping it in my shop announcement too - but I thought I'd share with you all over here {and you know I love I good excuse to use illustrator}.

*Please be aware that everything I make is made to order - so please order 48hrs before the postal deadline for your region if possible to give me time to make your order!*

Need some Christmas inspiration?

Hello all!

Christmas is a mere 33 days away...goodness me it's come around quick eh? I'm itching to put my decoartions up...I think maybe it's because I work in retail and everything around me is Christma-fied {not a word?} so I feel like my home is not looking festive enough. I'm holding on in there though, I've snuck a few little decorations onto the massive branch over my desk...but the tree - I'm holding out on that one as long as I can!

Anyway, today I thought I'd do a little shameless self promotion - just with the idea to give you some inspiration in the way of gifts for those you love {or yourself, I won't tell}, as well as spur you on with some past DIY ideas to get you in the handmade Christmas spirit {Kirstie Allsopp would be so proud}!
'Ready to wrap'...all items avaiable here!
You can see all of my {DIY}s here :)

Don't miss the last posting dates though for your gifts...find out what they are {and get yourself a snazzy calendar} here!


{christmas} a cheeky little 'make your own' kit!

Hello all,

A new one from me today, I don't usually do 'reviews' of products but this one is a little different. This little kit is made by a fellow local blogger and wonderfully crafty lady, the lovely Georgina Giles. She makes these rad little dinosaurs which I love. 

Anyway, she's just started selling lovely little christmas decoration kits...available here, and she asked if I'd like to have a little go at making one myself. They're really very sweet and come with all the necessary materials {just add scissors} PLUS the templates included mean you can make as many as you want to add to your tree...actually making bunting from lots of these little trees would be ace!
I think these kits would be perfect for a little crafternoon with children {it made me want a little gang to work with!}. Lots of colours of felt, maybe throw in some glitter and sequins and let the little fellas get creative - then you could bring out your little creations every year!

Thank you Georgina for this little beauty!