{allotment} update tiiiiime...

Hello all,

A little eeny weeny allotment update for you all today - and a bit of allotment based sad news.

Bad news:

 {always good to get the bad out the way first eh?} Our beautiful carrots {see below, basking in their own carroty glory} were snaffled


so much so that they disappeared without a trace , by naughty rabbits. Sad times indeed - I feel like I can, for the first time in my life empathise with mean old Mr McGregor from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Those little carrots were our pride and joy. boo. Anyway, life goes on - you win some you lose some!

Good news:

There is a whoooole host of other exciting plant based goodness just getting started. I've planted up seeds left right and centre...as you can see below, so I thought I's hare a little growing/propagating progress...we have: garlic; onions; butternut squash; artichokes; cucumber & the baby basil I've been continuing to nurture!

Are you getting into the gardening swing of things yet?

Also - do you have any top tips to share, I'd love to hear them...we've still got a


 to learn!

Tomorrow I shall hopefully have a little {DIY} to share with you - a nice easy {but super awesome} one to get you in the summer holiday spirit -



{new} to ONR | sneaky peeky |

Hello all,

I thought I'd share with you today a little project that I have been working on - it's a new product that I will soon be bringing to my little Etsy shop, just in time for summer {I hope}.

As you are I'm sure well aware, I have a bit of an addiction to succulents {there are worse things to be addicted to right?!}. Well I thought what better way to spread the love and bring a little bit of summer into all of your homes than to offer little terrarium/planter kits in my shop! They are the easiest plants to look after, and they're super forgiving if you forget to water them sometimes {oops} - so they make the perfect addition to even the most un-green fingered individual. Plus they come with all of the advice you need to keep them thriving! simples.
Each one will come with everything you need to get started with your own little succulent garden:

*//. hand illustrated cup planter
*//. proper cacti & succulent soil
*//. fine gravel
*//. the all important succulent or cacti
*//. a little care sheet
You'll then have the option for a few pounds extra to purchase a little terrarium toolkit which will give you everything you need to keep them happy going forward!

*//. plastic spray bottle {for just the right amount of weekly water}
*//. soft bristled paint brush {for dusting soil out of the leaves}
*//. round ended tweezers {for getting rid of dead leaves but not hurting the pretties}
*//. long handled metal spoon {to move soil into hard to reach places around your plant}
*//. a little handmade canvas bag to keep it all in!

There will also be the option to opt for bigger planters with a few more plants for the adventurous ones amongst you!

I'd really love to know what you think...all comments, suggestions, questions welcome :)


{hello} Prague

Hello all!

Did you miss me? I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and managed to enjoy some of this lovely sun we seem to all of a sudden have been given!

So for those of you that saw last weeks posts {here & here}, I was looking forward to a surprise trip away courtesy of my lovely boyfriend Jack. Well, as you will have guessed from the title of this little post - the mystery location was Prague!!

I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful thoughtful boy - and I can report we had the most amazing time together. It was an absolutely stunning city to visit, the architecture is beautiful, the food was amazing and we had a really relaxing time at the hotel.

Here are a few of my many snaps...I'll be sharing a little more about the city, things to do, sites to see & places to eat later this week...I do hope you'll enjoy!

I hope you I didn't spam you with too many pictures and that you liked what you saw...

Back to work tomorrow :(


5 {simple} things

Hello all,

I can't believe its Friday again already - AND - I have the day off to enjoy the sunshine and a cheeky little BBQ with the lads this afternoon! 

Anyway - today, as has become a tradition, and one that I'm really enjoying, I share with you - this weeks 5 simple things...
1//. This silly cactus hat for a} making me and Harriet lol & b} for protecting my little fingers whilst I planted up this little chap!
2//. This super awesome tea for having very lovely packaging...
...and for giving me ombre beverage based enjoyment!

3//. This little pretty pink present from Jack {it was a freebie}...
...for containing lots and lots of chilli seeds for me to plant...watch this space!
4//. This TINY leaf for being incredible and deciding to grow - hopefully into a butternut squash plant!
5//. This little pink succulent {thanks Harriet} for being so pretty & the tiny copper heart I added to give him some extra grow power love!
As always, I hoped you liked my little selection - now that the sun is out, do expect more plant based snaps, gotta love the greenery!

Have an amazing weekend guys - oh, and if you haven't seen it already, check out yesterdays post on my fave money saving tips...


{HAPPY NATIONAL STATIONERY WEEK} & love is in the air...

Hello lovelies,

Happy midweek of NATIONAL STATIONERY WEEK! So it seems that the British springtime may finally be with us - which is ace for all involved - this week signals a very exciting one for geeky pen lovers like me, it's the one week of the year where we can shout about our obsessions over pretty notebooks, rulers, my fave - washi tape, and of course the all essential pens and pencils {swoon} and not feel a little lame.

Well it dawned on me the other day that the vast majority of the enquiries and orders coming through my humble little Etsy shop of late are wedding based. It's really lovely to be part of people's special day and to help them bring that personal handmade touch!

So, as love seems to well and truly be in the air, for both one and other and of course, a good bit of hand illustrated stationery - I thought a round up of my top wedding based orders was on the cards! Here are the top three items that lovely love birds seem to be ordering for their big days, and their guests.
I hope you like this little selection AND if you happen to be getting married - or would like to make a purchase as a gift for someone else who is...you can find all of my items here
I can customise each one to your specifications and personalise them too with dates & initials or whatever else might take your fancy!


If you have no intentions of getting married just yet but like me, have a deep seated love of stationery then you of course may also purchase yourself a cheeky item or two from my little shop, go on - treat yourself!


{cute overload} meet Edgar...

Hello all,

Let me introduce to you, officially the World's best dog...this is Edgar {cool name eh?} and he's the absolute man! Manny and I had the pleasure of spending a whole day with this little guy yesterday {thanks Ben!} and let me tell you - he's super cool!

I thought I'd share some of the many {too many?} photos I snapped of him yesterday with you all!
Clearly enjoying the car ride on my lap...
We took the little dude to Ambleside Park {it's really more of a beach!?} and he totes loved it...you'd think being a Pom that he'd want to be carried rather than walked - nope, he was just happy to trot along next to us for a nice long walk. Honestly, I'm defo going to try to convince Jack {hey Jack!} to let us have one!

Actually though, even if you don't have a dog, but happen to be in Vancouver - I would definitely recommend taking a cheeky trip over the Ambleside Park, it was really beautiful and the sunset was amazing and there were so many cute dogs {I totally got dog envy!}.

So yes, that was my day - I've got a new found love of Pomeranians, so if anyone fancies sharing some heart meltingly cute pictures with me, please feel free to go right ahead!


{hello} Vancouver you beautiful, beautiful city!

Hello all,

So as many of you are probably already aware I'm now in Vancouver, visiting some super ace friends - which means that a} I have a little more time to blog and b} I'm doing sweet stuff every day {yay!}.

Vancouver is absolutely amazing, like everything about it is totally wicked - I'm going to try and share with you guys a few cool places to go if you happen to be in town over the coming days, and I'm also going to try and get a cheeky {DIY} post in on Friday too - I've missed doing them!

Today though I just wanted to share some snaps I've taken of the stunning sunsets I've been lucky enough to catch pretty much everyday! It's amazing to be in a place where on minute you're in a super busy downtown setting, and 20 minutes later you can be on the side of a mountain or chilling at an amazing freshwater lake! It certainly puts Southampton to shame!

So here are some of my little snaps {taken on my iPhone 4 - didn't bring my snazzy camera!}

 Sunset from the beach at English Bay, downtown Vancouver...
 Also at English Bay...
 Absolutely amazing sunset from Cypress Mountain {thanks to Manny and Ben for taking me there especially to see it!}
Almost sunset at the old shipyard in North Vancouver...
 So to take this photo I had to scale a fence at Stanley Park and scramble through brambles and god knows what {I even got thorns in my legs!} only to realise that I could have walked 100m further to the 'lookout' and seen the full sunset in all its glory...idiot? Anyway, I think this shots far more natural {ahem.}
Yesterday's sunset at Ambleside Park - honestly, Vancouver is just too beautiful!

Seriously, this place is amazing. I could totally see myself living here, Vancouver has it all - it has all of the cool restaurants and bars and shops that you would enjoy discovering in London but without the horrendously stressful amount of people everywhere - yet it also has such breathtaking spots of unspoilt natural beauty just a stones throw away from the city centre action. It's the place to be I'm telling you!

Anyway, hope you liked my little snaps, I'll be sharing more on Vancouver with you all over the coming days!