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Hello all,

Just thought I'd share this photograph of a stunningly beautiful collection of natural crystals that I found whilst browsing Pinterest yesterday.

Sometimes when I feel a little uninspired {right about now} it takes something really simple like this photograph to make me realise what an amazing world we live in and how many awe inspiringly beautiful things surround us. When I saw it, it seemed to give me a little kick up the bottom that:

1//. there is so much out there to see and inspire, I can't possibly be stuck in this little creative rut forever, I just need to get out there and explore a little bit more rather than expecting inspiration to just come to me.


2//. you can't rush things, you can't rush creativity - just like the crystals in that photo - god only knows how long it took for them to form {I suspect a really long time} and no one organised them into that formation, they just grew into this beautiful thing because nature was allowed to take its course. 

So, I don't know about you, and I'm not quite sure how one photo had such a profound effect on me, but in times of 'uninspiration' {I know that isn't a word!} like now, I'm not going to try and force it. In fact, I think, focusing on trying to be inspired most probably has the opposite effect on my creativity. 

Instead I'll focus on doing the things that make me happy; try to enjoy the simple things - and when that bolt of inspiration comes, I'll just embrace it and see where it takes me.

Has anyone else been feeling this way recently, or is it just me?


{allotment} update tiiiiime...

Hello all,

A little eeny weeny allotment update for you all today - and a bit of allotment based sad news.

Bad news:

 {always good to get the bad out the way first eh?} Our beautiful carrots {see below, basking in their own carroty glory} were snaffled


so much so that they disappeared without a trace , by naughty rabbits. Sad times indeed - I feel like I can, for the first time in my life empathise with mean old Mr McGregor from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Those little carrots were our pride and joy. boo. Anyway, life goes on - you win some you lose some!

Good news:

There is a whoooole host of other exciting plant based goodness just getting started. I've planted up seeds left right and centre...as you can see below, so I thought I's hare a little growing/propagating progress...we have: garlic; onions; butternut squash; artichokes; cucumber & the baby basil I've been continuing to nurture!

Are you getting into the gardening swing of things yet?

Also - do you have any top tips to share, I'd love to hear them...we've still got a


 to learn!

Tomorrow I shall hopefully have a little {DIY} to share with you - a nice easy {but super awesome} one to get you in the summer holiday spirit -



5 {simple} things

Hello all,

I can't believe its Friday again already - AND - I have the day off to enjoy the sunshine and a cheeky little BBQ with the lads this afternoon! 

Anyway - today, as has become a tradition, and one that I'm really enjoying, I share with you - this weeks 5 simple things...
1//. This silly cactus hat for a} making me and Harriet lol & b} for protecting my little fingers whilst I planted up this little chap!
2//. This super awesome tea for having very lovely packaging...
...and for giving me ombre beverage based enjoyment!

3//. This little pretty pink present from Jack {it was a freebie}...
...for containing lots and lots of chilli seeds for me to plant...watch this space!
4//. This TINY leaf for being incredible and deciding to grow - hopefully into a butternut squash plant!
5//. This little pink succulent {thanks Harriet} for being so pretty & the tiny copper heart I added to give him some extra grow power love!
As always, I hoped you liked my little selection - now that the sun is out, do expect more plant based snaps, gotta love the greenery!

Have an amazing weekend guys - oh, and if you haven't seen it already, check out yesterdays post on my fave money saving tips...


5 {simple} things

Hello all and SUPER happy Saturday to you!

Yesterday was a  pretty exciting one for me, not only was it the first of TWO days off together - woop woop, but the lovely Harriet sailed over from the Isle of Wight for a fun filled day of hang outs {and a little bit of succulent planting}.

Here's to yesterday providing me with some much needed fun and inspiration eh and to a rare Saturday post!

This week wasn't all doom and gloom - I still very much managed to find 5 simple things that made me smile! In fact, whilst hunting through my many snaps for five happy moments I found several, yay.
1//. This super bright Essie nail varnish in hip-enema for giving my pale fingers a hint of summery-ness.
2//. This super awesome cattoo from Harriet's awesome shop here for making me wish I could get it for realsies.
3//. This little glitter card pouch I knocked up before work one day this week for bringing out my magpie tendencies.
4//. These awesome little cigarette cards for showing themselves amongst my first aid tin and making me smile.
5//. This sweet little bundle of flowers for just being left on one of the tables at work...they brought the spring inside for a moment, and well I thought they were really rather pretty!
*BONUS* simple thing: This simple little creature for climbing into his food tin whilst I wasn't looking and then trying to act cool.
So there you have it, my week in pictures - and please forgive me for not posting about the succulent {DIY} I will be sharing that little chestnut on Monday!

Enjoy this lovely weekend of weather we seem to have bagged ourselves!

Until Monday,

feeling a little uninspired...

Hello all,

It's Wednesday, midweek and I must say, I'm sorry to admit I'm feeling distinctly uninspired. Do you guys ever get like this? I'm feeling pretty stressed with everything this week - work, my business, this little blog, everything - and the more I try to be zen and let the inspiration flow, the less inspiration I seem to be receiving.

So please accept my apologies for a less than inspiring selection of contributions to social media {& life} this week, that picture up there {from here} just about summarises my head space.

I do however have the second lovely instalment of my {DIY} succulent planter series :)

How do you guys deal with stress and feeling uninspired - I'd love your thoughts, you beautiful creative people you!



Go ahead and share this image I've made if you like, but please be sure to link it back to me :) 
Hello all,

Happy Monday to you my little crumpets. This weekend was super duper busy, like non stop. Don't get me wrong, it was really lovely - but I'm pretty shattered, and I have a whole week of work ahead of me, following on from yesterdays mammoth 11hr shift {not to mention lots of little orders to also complete and send}!

Anyway, this weekend taught me this lesson in more ways than one...so I thought I'd knock up a pretty little graphic, to remind myself, and you guys to 'trust your gut' - almost every time you get that gut instinct, or initial 'hunch' it turns out to be bang on. So don't 'umm & aaaah' or second guess yourself, go with what you think is right, I can almost guarantee you'll thank yourself later.

I hope you all had lovely weekends, and for those of you lucky enough to be free as a bird yesterday, please tell me you made the most of the sun!!